My husband and I, our daughter, her Godfather, and the potential for some other family members and friends are all looking to find a place to build an off-grid homestead in partnership with others. We are looking to have an open-minded community with necessary and luxury amenities, but want to start small.

I am a jack of all trades in regards to off-grid survival and building techniques. All I need is some good people to offer a place, or be willing to pitch in together for a plot of land. My family would help build your home while we build ours and in turn would build others when they join us. Permanent residency is welcome, but if you feel an RV and staying during summer / winter is your thing, that is also welcome.

We want to have livestock, dogs, ducks (because face it, they taste WAY better), cows or goats, and a horse or two (maybe more if it’s needed). I am well versed in methods of natural and aquaponic farming and would enjoy having a system of fish working through the aquaponics with fish to harvest as well…

I have many ideas and many hands for working this out, just a difficult time with executing the plans with so many mouths to feed. We are all no strangers to manual labor, and welcome the challenge.

If you have more questions, please comment or email me. Thank you.

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