[before_listing id=329 images= youtube=null] I am looking for land to setup a small sustainable “community” with several other families who are already interested. We would like to find suitable land to do so – preferably within 20 miles of Williamsport, PA.

Land must have forest, fields, and flowing water to meet our essential criteria.

Please contact me if you know of such land.[landbuddy_listing id=329 youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Land wanted in North Central PA”

  1. Dovely

    Don’t know if you ever found what you are looking for just thought if you hadn’t you might be interested in this place a friend has built. It really needs a group to run it.

    good luck

  2. Gary

    This would be perfect for what you are looking for.

  3. michael

    hi can u describe the land u r looking for? my gf n i also would like a place off the beaten path but dont have enuf capital yet.i am from athens,pa n live in elmira,ny. i’d b glad to help locate a property for u. my facebook page :


    Hi Sunandsea… we’ve found others interested in joining us, but have not yet found suitable property for our community. We’re patiently waiting for the right time and location. Thanks for asking!

  5. sunandsea

    I was wondering if you found anything? My husband and two children live in williamsport and are looking to join or create a similar community, just wanted to know how you all were making out.


    We do like Perry and Juniata counties, but have not found suitable arrangements yet. We had looked at a great 37 acre property in Shermansdale that would have needed a lot of work, but was very nice. I continue to look in that area. I would like to maintain some distance from major areas though. I guess that’s still 40-50 miles from H’Burg.

  7. VeteranMntnfarm Daniel

    Wy don’t you come to a more southern county where gas frackin isn’t a problem. We have lots of clean water here in perry and juniata counties.


    Hi all,
    Yes, we’re very aware of the natural gas industry’s work in our area and the dangers of fracking on the land and water. We are looking for land that is a distance from natural gas wells and preferably south of the Susquehanna River (most of the gas exploration taking place is north of the river). Most of the water damage is in waterways nearby well sites and also the ground water nearby wells. So… we’re going to keep our distance from drilling sites. Alrod53 – I will get an email out to you about the lands your wife has access to.

  9. Alrod53

    Hi guys, My wife works for a real estate atty. that has many properties that are well out in the boonies at really good prices some less than 1000 per acre..If you are interested email me at a50panhead@aol.com and I’ll put you in contact with them..We do not get any commission from this just want to help out. Larry

  10. Alrod53

    They also frack of natural gas which contaminates the wells to.

  11. elnav

    Before you buy land there check out fracking. this a controvesial process for sideways drilling and the fracturing the oil bearing shale rock. Pittsburg has outlawed fracking in their area because of the damage and contamination of ground water. Lots of activity in that area and people are selling out at fire sale prices before their land becomes worthless.