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We’re a couple in our mid-twenties that are looking to move out of the United States to Vilcabamba, Ecuador (or a surrounding area). We are respectful, eco-friendly, and open-minded about purchasing land with other people as a group effort. It’s a very beautiful place, great weather all year round, with a lot of culture and love there.

We thought, why are we trying to do this all on our own? There has to be another couple, or group of people, who would like to own land together that has desire and passion, but perhaps cannot afford to put a lot down all at once. Why can’t we have a beautiful property, with running water, where we can all build our lives?

This is what we’re thinking. If every person who would like to purchase land had a minimum of $5000 per person, we can make this happen. In 2014-2015, we would like to purchase something.

I’m Alicia Baldwin and my long-term love is Kaleb Capes. Our ideal while living life on this Earth is to live in a place where we can be more free and live off the land without strong government interference. Our heart’s desire is to plan to have a child within the next 5 years and raise this being in a place with loving people, an abundance of healthy food, and be eco-friendly. We want to live our lives to the fullest! We would like to take this as a group effort with other people who are committed to making this change with us. We can decide together whether we will divide the land into multiple sections legally (we think it’s a good idea) or if we will share it all.

Requirements for us:

Be able to contribute a minimum of $5k per person (children are people, too, and will grow up and likely stay on the land).

Be respectful of others and their belongings.

Be willing to help someone out (maybe with a house project, etc.)

Is eco-friendly and clean. No trash left on this beautiful property!

Be animal friendly. We are serious dog lovers!

Be compassionate and loving toward all people and animals.

No criminals. You must pass a background check!

No bums. Have a job with reliable income so that we know you can help purchase the land.

Be willing to deposit monthly into an account toward your part of the land purchase so that we know that by the time we reach 2015, we will have the funds to make this dream into a reality. Money will NOT be refunded. This is a serious commitment and we are all going to count on one another to stick with the agreement.

We’re open to hearing what others have to say and contribute!

Alicia and Kaleb

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