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We’re a couple in our mid-twenties that are looking to move out of the United States to Vilcabamba, Ecuador (or a surrounding area). We are respectful, eco-friendly, and open-minded about purchasing land with other people as a group effort. It’s a very beautiful place, great weather all year round, with a lot of culture and love there.

We thought, why are we trying to do this all on our own? There has to be another couple, or group of people, who would like to own land together that has desire and passion, but perhaps cannot afford to put a lot down all at once. Why can’t we have a beautiful property, with running water, where we can all build our lives?

This is what we’re thinking. If every person who would like to purchase land had a minimum of $5000 per person, we can make this happen. In 2014-2015, we would like to purchase something.

I’m Alicia Baldwin and my long-term love is Kaleb Capes. Our ideal while living life on this Earth is to live in a place where we can be more free and live off the land without strong government interference. Our heart’s desire is to plan to have a child within the next 5 years and raise this being in a place with loving people, an abundance of healthy food, and be eco-friendly. We want to live our lives to the fullest! We would like to take this as a group effort with other people who are committed to making this change with us. We can decide together whether we will divide the land into multiple sections legally (we think it’s a good idea) or if we will share it all.

Requirements for us:

Be able to contribute a minimum of $5k per person (children are people, too, and will grow up and likely stay on the land).

Be respectful of others and their belongings.

Be willing to help someone out (maybe with a house project, etc.)

Is eco-friendly and clean. No trash left on this beautiful property!

Be animal friendly. We are serious dog lovers!

Be compassionate and loving toward all people and animals.

No criminals. You must pass a background check!

No bums. Have a job with reliable income so that we know you can help purchase the land.

Be willing to deposit monthly into an account toward your part of the land purchase so that we know that by the time we reach 2015, we will have the funds to make this dream into a reality. Money will NOT be refunded. This is a serious commitment and we are all going to count on one another to stick with the agreement.

We’re open to hearing what others have to say and contribute!

Alicia and Kaleb

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19 Responses to “Let’s buy land together in Ecuador!”

  1. alan

    Hi Did u find land yet ? Are u still looking for others with some money and skills to join

  2. Lauren

    Hi Alicia and Kaleb. Im curious about this! and would put down the 5K. I will be in Ecuador this September 2015. I will be looking to buy land and move there successfully my first trip ( if I love it like everyone says I will!) Im 25, an art instructor and nutritionist from Canada. Im into a healthy lifestyle, easygoing attitudes, inspiring change towards living at one with land, and a sense of community while also maintaining some privacy and legally divided land after purchase(to keep things tidy and safe for all parties involved). Anyone interested in purchasing and dividing land together is encouraged to contact me ! lantworth@gmail.com

  3. Allen

    If you are still looking we are very serious in involving ourselves. We meet all your requirements. Please contact me at my email above

  4. Marcelle

    Mariana Lawson,

    We live in Ecuador and are looking for a farm to buy. Please tell us about your land and how to contact you.

    Thank you,

  5. Mariana Lawson

    Hi, I dont know if you guys are still looking to buy land or maybe you know about someone who does. My husband and I are selling our finca. Its a cacao plantation (500 plants maybe more) plus it has over 30 kinds of fruit trees, most of them producing already. If you are interested or have any ideas on where to advertise the land please contact me.

  6. Deborah

    Hi. My husband and I are now in Ecuador together. He is an Italian, I am a native. We have found a property near Mindo that is 15HA. It is in a cloud forest, next to primary forest that is 60 acres that we will have access to. The property is papered. It requires all 15 HA be sold together. We want an organic farm, without any chemicals or dyes. We also are starting an organic market and restaurant. Proceeds can be split 3 ways according to work being split 3 ways and investment being split 3 ways. Looking for 2 family’s immediately to participate. This is a lifetime off grid solution. The cost of the land is 4,000 per HA. There are 3 wells. Regular rainfall, and good income possibilities.

    You must be easy going. Respectful of others property. Be willing to work hard from the inception to create “our” collective place.
    We have worked for 3 years to be here together and find the perfect affordable location.
    We are best classified as easy going, naturalists which love animals. There will be animals!
    Also, we a could also be classified as messiniacs.
    We follow the bible and observe the sabbath. We
    Will not put our lifestyle on another….
    But folks who follow the 1600 King James Bi leg would be preferred.
    We woud help you know what you need to do to come here. We want to be as free as we can, this is why we are here. The transaction would be handled by an attorney/notary.

    Each family must have a minimum of 15,000 cash to come and make this work.

    Land investment portion $5,000.
    Restaurant /store investment $2,000.
    Visa requirements will be explained after we “choose” each family.
    We have a car already and can pick up at the airport.
    Expect to be camping while we complete the purchase. Possible to camp next to $5/per person per night, and possibly on the property for free when in the transaction.

    Please message me here to get further acquainted.



  7. Deborah

    We are in Ecuador. We have located 15HA each for 4,000. The property has 3 wells, regular waterfall, is about 2 hours from Quito. It is near a tourist town. We plan on having an organic market and restaurant. We are looking for a family or two families to split the cost of the 15HA. The property can be divided. It is next to Bosque Primario. We have been planning on this for 3 years. We are easy going and natural in our methods. The organic farm and restaurant/market we plan will be chemical and dye free. If you like animals, want to live naturally and organically, please advise. We as a heads up follow the King James 1600 version of the bible, and can best be described as Messianic.

  8. Deborah

    Hi. We are a couple in ecuador who have located a property of 15 HA near the town of mindo.
    We have a fixed price of 4,000 per HA. The 15 HA must be purchased together, and then split.
    We have the money to buy 5-10 HA. The land has all papers. We plan to start an organic farm, inclusive with animals. Looking for one or 2 families into the outdoors and natural farming methods to do this with us. We are also in the process of opening an organic food market with restaurant. The people who do this as partners would reap half profits for 1/2 work, 1/2 investment, whatever. We are easy going- Italian and a native.

    Please respond to cachorro 35@yahoo.com if you are serious, only please contact. We are here now for two months and loving it. :-). Planned for this for 3 years. We are ready!

  9. Hawwah

    are you still building. Where are you in your process. Interested in the details. maat_9@yahoo.com

  10. Hawwah

    are you still building. Where are you in your process. Interested in the details.

  11. Wayne and Kelci

    HI there,

    Anyone that happens to read this. We’re a couple in our late 20’s looking to go in on some land with others. Wanting to spend our days working on an organic food forest, days full of mediation, yoga, and being one with nature. Looking for singles, couples and children friendly. Love and light

  12. Lauren

    Hi there guys!

    My name is Lauren, I’m 23 and from Canada. I’m a visual artist and art teacher. I’ve been searching for another way of life and came to the same conclusion as you two! Just the other day, a man I very much admire told me my landshare idea is a good one, and how I would love Vilcabamba or Banyos in Ecuador(where I want to buy land). I know for sure I will have the funds for this by August 2014. I also have already found a partner for this(we are planning on going half and half on land), who speaks fluent spanish and has lived in Ecuador in an intentional community before who I’m sure would be interested in joining in. I have good contacts, friends with sustainable knowledge(building, permaculture) and an electrician friend with solar experience willing to do free solar setup in exchange for a vacation stay. There is one thing I will be honest about, I’m suffering from an autoimmune disease that has yet to be diagnosed(there are different kinds..) and chemical sensitivities. I am in the process of healing myself through natural methods, but with mcs it’s become clear to me I need a healthy way of life in nature to recover, away from the city. I would need to purchase land with people who are sensitive of this. Mindful of keeping a toxin free environment, buying land in a healthy natural area. Also it may be harder for me to travel around for a long time searching for land, but I am committed to this and getting myself a healthier way of life! Did you look into the problem of Visas?

    Let me know what you think! cheers.

  13. Philippe Orlando

    Great. But why not do it in the US?
    Do you understand that outside Western type democracies any part of the world can go very wrong?
    Do you understand the struggle Ecuador is going through right now? I think you should check that first. Maybe you think the citizens of the US have very little power in front of their government. Do you realize that the citizens of Ecuador have even less? Right now they have an amazing president, very humane, a great guy. What if one day the machetes come back? What is wrong with going off the grid in Maine, Colorado or Vermont? I’m not trying to put down your dream, but I question your belief of thinking that it’s going to be better elsewhere. Go off grid and live on a land with people, YES! Do it here.

  14. greg

    hello everyone first of all I love ,love and love the way you listen to your inner self and follow it, secoundly sorry for my broken english no excuses just ESL in in this world .I am planing to come along with some like you within 2 years
    where im going I know how it looks but yet to find it in this 3D world of ours I wish all of you an amazing journey and if you choose to keep me in the circle please email me or find on famous FB Grzegorz Ulok polakmaly@shaw.ca

  15. Ed.

    Hello, i think we all here have similar ideas, just we all have different destinations, i am planing the same, just was looking in to Jamaica, because regarding climate your can harvest min 2/year, (sometime even 4) because they have 2 rain seasons, so for us weather is important and culture also. We live now in Europe, where is always cold…
    I am planing to build off grid container houses, already have plans, ideas, calculations and etc.
    Ecuador is good location also, i did lots research, regarding expat life (panama, ecuador, belize, mexico and etc.) All destinations have advantages and disadvantages, so i wish good look to everyone to find same thinking people and also with the same dream destinations.

  16. Juniper

    Hi. In Vilca now with my partner as we are trekking around south america looking for land to purchase and community, also looking to raise children in tthe next few years, or rather have them raise us, so this is an important aspect to keep in mind when searching, we want there to be other children. We are organic farmers and enjoy tending animals as well with loads of info and over 2 years of experience in this kind of lifestyle. Vilcabamba may not be your ideal choice, as it depends on what you are looking for. Would love to share info and also learn from one another. Email to chat!

  17. Mare Hogan

    Hello! I have come across you two twice now and I don’t know about Ecuador but just curious as to where you are residing now? My partner and I are anxious to go off grid and would like to start an intentional community with like minded Earth loving humans:) E mail us to chat!

  18. Jeremy H Griffith

    We live in Vilcabamba. There is a rather basic problem with your plan: visas. Ecuador will not let anyone stay more than six months out of the year (90 days on entry, extendable with a second visa that is not free to six months). For full time, you must get a residency visa. Retired people can get them based on SS pensions, but younger folks must invest a minimum of $25K (+ $500 per dependent) in a CD (which you cannot touch) or land, and a new law makes land a lot more expensive for this (the $25K is now the assessed value, which is way less than the selling price).

    That said, there are already a few communities like you envision here. I’ll try to find URLs for them.
    Good luck, in any case!

    • JennyV123

      Hi Jeremy
      Just saw your post (from 5 years ago). I’m looking into moving that way, and I have the funds to do it.
      would like to talk with you about your experiences before I dive in.