[before_listing images= youtube=null] We are considering buying some RV ( camper) friendly land in lower eastern NY state ((Glen Spey).We could purchase this ourselves , but thought it could be fun in numbers. We’re looking for a possible partner/ partners to split the already very affordable costs. The asking price of this level wooded 1 acre lot is $7000 with taxes under $600 per year. Its location is ideal with lakes rivers and hunting land all around it. Its also right off a paved road for easy in and out. The property can be owner financed or rented with option to buy which makes it perfect for testing the waters before commiting. We’re happy to hear from anyone interested that has the available means to split the costs with us, and has some sort of reliable monthly income. All in all a chance to get off grid at a very cheap price, without having move off the map. Cheers and lets party! [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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18 Responses to “Land share.. very cheap”

  1. Greg

    Cornfed… You still looking for a place to park up the RV, near the city and get off grid? We’re looking for the same kind of thing tho we joined up with some folks to build an EcoVillage. Some of us will be in vehicles, some will build private eco friendly houses from natural and recycled materials and some want to be in more communal homes built the same way. There are 3o of us going in on a piece of land that is a bit expensive, but we do have the rights to build all the crazy things we wanna build under a funny loophole in the building codes, and RV rights too!

    The place is a 75 acre horse farm (without the horses tho!) has a big barn that will be turned into a fabrication workshop/art school a house and a few apartments that will be rented to like minded folks. We wanna have fun and be mostly off the grid but not outcasted in some mountain somewhere well away from civilization. If you’re interested check out the mission statement here: https://catalystecovillage.org/

    PS: We are not dreamers…. this is happening now, we’ve almost got contracts signed for the land purchase

  2. elaine kelly

    I am alone.. and sense urgency to move ! I am on the East coast here where Sandy hit. I own a house I can sell for just about 100,000. ( if that ) I was wondering if I should purchase land to move off the grid as well. I have been exposed to Toxic Mold and need safe clean housing options. Does any one like the Tiny House idea’s ? They seem to small, but at this point that will be better than what is coming soon to a city near you ! ANY suggestions are appreciated.. sorry if I am taking away from original post.. I was interested in sharing land too, but only if its in safe Locations. God Bless America !

  3. christine

    My dream has always been to live as a pioneer. My husband shares the same dream. We currently live in N.Georgia. I love the mountains! We have been looking for land for sale on land contract, and having no luck. any tips?

  4. christine

    My dream has always been to live off the land. My husband shares the same dream:) but we have no clue were to find cheap land to buy, as well as were to start.

  5. charlee

    go to the northwest, doc friend said that mountain snow melt is the cleanest water in the world, salmon pile up at the creek during spawn, trout, clean air, absolutely gorgeous views of mountains, the Cascades are like heaven on earth organic farms everywhere, yes it is pricey compared but so well worth it and the people are wonderful, that is where im heading

  6. cassie robinson

    I’m very interested in off the grid living with other open minded people. The biggest problem with starting this life style for my family is every thing need to start living off the grid. Most people me, included don’t know where to start. Iv started reading and learning about off the grid living. I hope my dreaming well help me and my family become doers.

  7. Cornfed

    Thanks for sharing Ray, but with all do respect, is there some hidden message in your comment that is related to my post?

  8. ray

    i have been looking into this for a long while. And i think We all and this community need more resources like this. There is alot about this life And theres no silver bullet. I would like to start a colony. But with people who are of similar interests.

  9. Cornfed

    Im not sure why Im even taking interest in buying land, Im having too much fun just going from place to place with our RV. Only problem is the northeast isnt very RV friendly when it comes to free land use and rental lands come at ridiculas high prices. On the west side of the U.S its exactly the opposite, which explains why there are so many fulltime RVing out that way. That sort of freedom is enough off grid for my style. Its free and when you get board, you simply roll on to the next place.

  10. Cornfed

    lol.. its ok man, Im the type to have fun with things over anything else. And as I see it, hardly expect anything to come about from any of these online sites…Too many dreamer and very few doers.

  11. MaineMan

    @ Cornfed. I’m sorry if my post upset you, or interfered with your plans in any way. I was only trying to give what I believed to be sound advice.

  12. Cornfed

    Please take note: this comment board is for those interested in the details of this post, not a place to hold irrelevant conversations thanks you.

  13. Cornfed

    We all have our own set of ideals now dont we. Anything less and everyone would be exactly the same and that would be pretty boring now wouldnt it. Not all of our ideas of off grid are so hard core natured, so with this said, anywhere that suits us is just as good as any. By the way, no one asked , nor needs your approval..lol see now there’s the NYer in me talking:) Cheers all

  14. MaineMan

    I lived almost exactly were you are considering. I don’t want to sound rude, but… if you think that this area is “an ideal location” for any sort of off-the-grid or survival situation, I’m afraid you are mistaken. The fish in the lakes are barley edible, the deer in the forest are tiny, malnourished and disease ridden. One of the oldest (and potentially most dangerous) nuclear power plants in the country in located only a few miles away. The only way this area is a good choice is if it compared to New York City, but it falls far short compared to areas in truly rural parts of the country. I now live in rural Maine.

    • Nick Rosen

      Thanks so much for your comment Maine Man – I was actually seriously considering till I read your warning – we had a very popular thread a while back about the Ten Best Places to go Off Grid. Anyone got any suggestions?

  15. Community Valley

    We have lots very cheap and has good hunting and fishing and close to a nice lake.
    If you would want to partner with us here in Ky.
    And its a lot cheaper on taxes. We only pay $350 a year for 8 acres.

  16. Cornfed

    JR: Lets talk about it, email us tg2lynch@yahoo.com

  17. J R ARORA

    Interested! Lets do it!