it is 21 acres of land there is a 9 acre field two creeks a pond a spring box and well there is a green house tool shed with tools a outdoor kitchen and shower house  ….there is 4 buses a few travel trailers lots of good camping


To provide land for individuals, families, and travelers to learn, teach, and experiment in a variety of sustainable and self sufficient living skills.

To be a place where those that want to help others can themselves prosper through profit share, in a community that provides a more wholesome and earth friendly alternative lifestyle.

To assist and encourage the application of these skills and ideas in our surrounding communities, and amongst our neighbors.

To establish a network of these (similar/ like-minded) communities across the country and beyond, which function as way-stations for travelers, as well as hubs of learning and empowerment for a sustainable future.

To be fun, but family friendly, while adhering to a positive work ethic that acknowledges the value of our neighbors, and our community as a whole.

To be as inclusive, fair, and efficient as possible while keeping a productive pace. To hold ourselves to a high standard therefore setting a good example.


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13 Responses to “land for people to lern teach connect and work on projects.”

  1. Lewis Greenwald

    lOVE TO LEARN AND TEACH. sPECIALIZE IN GROWING EDIBLE AND MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS. My name is Lewis A. Greenwald retired Chiropractor. Born 3/24/64, Brooklyn NYC. Wish to help with natural healing, making natural medicine, building pharmacy, physical examination, cooking. farming, security and anything needed. Ready for off grid life, communal living; and preparing for our future in these incredible times.
    Hope to rent space in underground safe structure from incoming Nemesis system and tail and buy small plot to build home/communal structure. Now is the time to prepare. Social upheaval is coming and we may only have 1-3 yrs before Nemesis/Nibiru in my estimation. I have seen it from my window on the Upper East Side Manhattan and reported it to AMS on 8/2/2019, 8/14/19, 9/2/19 it is on record at AMS American Meteor Society 8/2/19 because it came in as meteoric but planatary on other dates, Last as second Sun at about 10:30 position to Sun. My roommate also witnessed. So I know it is real.
    Would really like to talk to you about how I can make myself an integral working part of the community. Ready to commit everything I have and start building. I am an open person you may ask anything you wish. It is plain to me that AI and social lockdown/breakdown are coming faster and wish to get situated asap.
    Ready to send about 80lbs food and buy seeds, water, and whatever is necessary within my means. I truly believe this is a matter of survival. Thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless and protect us all.

    Lewis A. Greenwald
    423 202 7425


    how is this community going so far? I would love to visit and I am looking forward to living with like-minded individuals. Let me know if this still an option and how big you have grown. Thanks

  3. fizz

    all the info is on the website and facebook or you can ask there. sorry it took so long to get back to you.

  4. Elijah Leonard

    please send more info and let me know how i can help!

  5. Elsa Duncan

    Where is this located at?

  6. Alice

    I’d love to hear more! What’s the cost, are children welcome, where are you?

  7. ryand

    I am a carpenter and would love to know more please get back to me

  8. Eric

    I’m interested in learning new skills and meeting like minded people. Please send more info

  9. c blackstone

    This sounds like something I would like to check into. Where are you located? What would a person need to bring? Tell me more please! :-)

  10. Sandra Bishop

    My hubby and myself are over 60. Worked all our lives and need to experience sustainable living . We used to own a forest with chickens and vegetables . But crime in SA forced us to sell . We would like to know where you are please and a bit more info .

  11. sheena


  12. Backintime

    Sounds awesome. Where abouts are you