Outstanding land and opportunity in Peneda-Gerês National Park, Northern Portugal




Hi, everyone! We are an Anglo-Portuguese couple who own nearly 1 hectare of arable land within the boundaries of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in Northern Portugal, a place of truly stunning natural beauty. To be more precise, and help you with your ‘googling’, one side of the property borders the EN-308-1, just by Vilar da Veiga parish council (Junta de Freguesia). The property is a few minutes from the Caniçada dam and 2.5 Km from the historical spa village of Gerês.  


Due to an untimely death in our family, the property has been lying idle for some years, which is a real shame due to its great potential. The farm (‘quinta’) was the pride and joy of my late father (born and bred in the local village), who invested his time and resources into improving the soil, planting fruit trees, and introducing new and better types of grapevines. At the moment, the land is in need of maintenance (but not overwhelmingly so, since a general clean was done in 2014 and smaller localised interventions have happened ever since).


What is special about this land? Most arable land around that area of Peneda-Gerês National Park has lower solar exposure and, therefore, crops are limited and dwellings around those areas often feel damp for a great part of the year. Our land is in an area of the valley with optimal year-round solar exposure, having been described by experts as benefiting from a ‘microclimate’ effect with plenty of sun, which makes it agriculturally highly desirable and provides really pleasant living conditions. For instance, when wine production was taking place, the wine made from grapes grown in this farm was of higher quality than anywhere in the vicinity and most of it was sold to restaurants in Porto.


The soil is also good and not ‘sandy’ like in many areas nearby. The property includes a large flat field which is one of the best in that locality (as locally most land comes fragmented in terraces), with great accessibility. Another big bonus is the fact that there is plenty of high quality spring water – actually water is virtually everywhere underground – mostly still unexplored.


The land has several constructions in it. A granite family home not fully renovated yet, but already habitable; a small chalet with living space (first floor) and storage (groundfloor, containing agricultural and wine-making implements); a 28 sqm shop by the road (licensed, but not operational yet) and a wooden barn.


There is a lot of potential, and a framework to develop viable and sustainable business ideas with future scope (including an existing registered brand and the licensed shop). From an agricultural perspective, a few obvious choices would be herb and flower-growing, wine-making (the existing decayed vineyard could be rejuvenated and grafted), beekeeping and livestock (sheep and wool production, for instance). There is a lot of room for an independent venture to flourish.


Because our personal circumstances do not allow us to be there full-time, we do need reliable long-term, hands-on help on the terrain to kick start these plans, and, most importantly, to bring the land back to life. We seek someone who would genuinely love being part of this process.


In the last few years we became totally disappointed with time-consuming EU funding application processes, the total dependence of local people on those, and their overall reluctance to embark on individual initiatives without initial funding present.


This opportunity would suit a hard-working, nature-loving, entrepreneurial individual (or individuals) who would embrace the experience of living in a region of breath-taking natural beauty and historical richness long enough to continue reaping the fruit of their labours and expand them accordingly – and this without the heavy cost of buying or renting land and associated lengthy bureaucracies. Ideally, the land would require two or more people, but it would be manageable by an energetic, capable individual. It would be highly advantageous to have some agricultural knowledge and also being able to speak Portuguese or being willing to learn.


Our plans are flexible and fair, so we would tailor this opportunity according to the skills, potential and ideas of the right person/people. Although we would not be living on site, we would provide full support and whenever relevant reasonable investment to develop agreed plans.


We welcome queries and proposals from serious, committed people. Only independent and focused individuals with initiative can help unravel this potential through a meaningful and enriching partnership. If you or someone you know fits this description, we surely can’t wait to hear from you. Please write to us to paxhuicdomui17@gmail.com or ring us on +447766532034 or +351916283860.


We are available for personal meetings in the UK (East Sussex) and Portugal (Porto/Braga/Gerês).


Thank you for reading this ad. We hope to hear from you soon!


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3 Responses to “Land opportunity, Peneda-Gerês park, Portugal”

  1. UKchris


    Firstly let me offer my sincere condolences and wish you and your family well and strength.
    For as long as i can remember i have wanted to be self-sufficient and with my circumstances changing i now want to follow that dream and make it reality. I grew up on a farm but that life was left behind when i was 16, unfortunately I will need educating on the Portuguese language! Let me know if this offer is still open and how we can speak.

  2. Sibonna

    I wrote an e-mail weeks ago. Is this proposal still active? Thanks. S

  3. Jade

    Hi. I just came across your search for likeminded individuals.

    I am very sorry for your loss. Its beautiful you wish to honour your late father and his investment and dream.

    Have you found your help?

    If not maybe we could discuss more?

    Best wishes and a very happy new year 2018
    May your dreams and wishes come true
    Jade and family