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Hello, my name valleri,I am 38 female, recently widowed.  I own my land have lived here for 11 years. Not currently off grid, but working towards that goal.  Currently have trio of rabbits, 10 ducks, 1 hen, 1 female large pig(hog. Dogs,1 cat. Central Texas, pond on property, seasonal creek, I currently live in a hand built tiny house nothing fancy. Garden needs worked on, started hole for future root cellar. My wife of 17 years passed away last month after battling cancer. I need the help to keep the place going, I am all loving pagan type, simple person,laid back ,type, non drinker ( maybe once a year), cannabis activist, easy going, 

You would have to build a structure to live in. I am currently wanting to build a yurt for me.

There is lots of work to be done here,

Blessed be

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