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Hello, my name valleri,I am 38 female, recently widowed.  I own my land have lived here for 11 years. Not currently off grid, but working towards that goal.  Currently have trio of rabbits, 10 ducks, 1 hen, 1 female large pig(hog. Dogs,1 cat. Central Texas, pond on property, seasonal creek, I currently live in a hand built tiny house nothing fancy. Garden needs worked on, started hole for future root cellar. My wife of 17 years passed away last month after battling cancer. I need the help to keep the place going, I am all loving pagan type, simple person,laid back ,type, non drinker ( maybe once a year), cannabis activist, easy going, 

You would have to build a structure to live in. I am currently wanting to build a yurt for me.

There is lots of work to be done here,

Blessed be

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12 Responses to “I have the land, need the people”

  1. Kathi

    It’s now January, 2021 and wondering how you are doing. Are you still looking for partners? We’re in our mid 60’s but are healthy and can bring cash to buy in. We’re looking for a secure homestead to join and add our woodworking and automotive experience.

  2. tammie mays

    Hello I’m Tammie, like yourself I am a pagan/practicing wiccan. I grow my own food and herbs. Please contact me . I would like more info.

  3. parallexmike

    Willing to help out with 3 brand new yurts, one for you one for me and one for whoever. We can use the house you’re staying and now for all of my tools, I’m a personal trainer and I build furniture as a side job.
    Also have another business I just started, however it can be easily relocated.
    Let’s talk

    parallexmike at Gmail

  4. lava

    Hello, I can only contact those whom have left an email in the response. Or feel free to contact me using the link to contact me please

  5. jmc0475

    Hello. My name is John. I have been interested in living off-grid/homesteading for a long time. I grew up on a farm so various pets, livestock, gardening and hard work are nothing new to me. The stepfather and I built all the buildings on the farm (hay barn, pack house, 2 log cabins and a warehouse style barn so I know some carpentry and woodworking. Please email me so we can discuss in more detail what you are offering. Thank you. – John C.

  6. John C.

    Hello, my name is John. I have been wanting to live off-grid/homestead for a long time. I would very much like to discuss more about what you are offering. I grew up on a farm, love animals and gardening and consider the outdoors as essential. Please email me. Thanks. – John C.

  7. Alana C Assam

    You should list yourself as a host on the website (stands for world wide opportunities on organic farms). All kinds of homesteads are listed and if you are thorough in what you have to offer and what your expectations are then you can find some good people to host.

  8. Kevin McCleskey

    Hello my name is Kevin this Is exactly what I was looking for please email me so we can discuss more!

  9. Richard A Soito

    thank you for any response

  10. Richard A Soito

    i am in position a lot like yours ,, in Calif, and want to relocate to Texas have children there, i would like to know more thanks

  11. Jason

    I am currently interested in the off-grid lifestyle. I am 34 male and currently in PA but looking to relocate and live a self sustaining life. I am looking for serenity and to use my knowledge and skills to assist in creating a self sustaining lifestyle. Thank You

  12. omar.fairman92

    Good afternoon,
    I would love to speak with you in more detail about your post. My wife and I are looking to start living off grid but we lack the land to start our journey. We are both hard working, love nature and the outdoors and want to start a life outside of what society has people programmed to want. We have experience in caring for all types of animals and take pride in creating our own resources. Although we are young, only 26, we know what we truly want out of life and we hope you can help us start. We are located in south florida but ready to move anywhere. Where are you by the way? Please feel free to contact so we can chat.