Hi I am searching for landbuddies. I have land.Please help! The land in southwest Texas. I know NOT prime geographical location but wanna make it work.

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6 Responses to “I have land – need buddies to join me”

  1. NP

    I love West Texas. Very interested. info@pablosmoglives.com

  2. Dimensional7777

    Dimensional7777@gmail.com sounds like a good plan

  3. Tubby Tiger

    I’d love to be your companion/dog throughout this journey of yours. Please, email me at (Tigerbellyrubs@gmail.com) if you’re interested and to receive more details about me.

  4. Melody

    Could you send me more information please? Im looking to go off grid and make a move. Im farm born and raised. Im willing and able but no land… Texas is one the places i always thought would be nice to live. Im self sufficient. Know animals, gardens, building fences sheds and such. Its me and my half dozen animals. Im in florida so i believe fairly similar wearher? Anyway, please let me know more. Thank you.

    • BobbyKorona

      Hello Melody …. not to hijack this post … but since 2014 I have been on this site looking for off-gridders to share land, in East Central Florida so if the Texas offer doesn’t work out ….
      contact me …. bob32175@gmail.com ….. Take care … Bob .. :)


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