I own an 80 acre property up in northern Minnesota. There are 40 acres of woods, 40 acres of open prairie and a river is the southern border of the property. I bought it 2 years ago, built a road, a pole barn, and greenhouse. A well was dug, and propane was installed. That’s it. I have been experimenting with a number of different plants to see what kind of food can be grown in a zone 3 area. What I have discovered is that root vegetables like potatoes, garlic, onions etc. all do REALLY well. I would love to raise chickens and maybe dairy sheep. My idea would be to have a tiny house community. People of like mind. Everyone free to have their own space have their own vegetable gardens, and perhaps work together to accomplish community goals. I am very open to how it will all work. I would love to find young couples, skilled individuals (carpenters, electricians etc) or very hard working types who want to tackle new projects and make things work. I want to share my land with people who want to share their talents. Let me know if this sounds like you.

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39 Responses to “I have the land – looking for people to share it with”

  1. Troy

    Hello my name is Troy, I’m 22 years old. I was in the military for a couple years so I have some credible knowledge in survival, mechanics, wood work, and team building. Although I realized too late that the military is a deeper version of the ‘prison’ I was trying to escape from, It was the very experience that I needed to realize what actually matters, and it sure as hell ain’t Money!! So email me at prizopes69@gmail.com if anyone is looking for someone to help build a truly free community.

  2. Emily

    Hey sis,

    I am looking for a place to park my tiny home. would love to talk with you. What town are you close to?.

  3. Joshua Babcock

    Hi. My wife and I lived off the grid for close to a year. It was a gradual process. But much of it went very successful. From building barns and sheds, to raising chickens and crops. We used solar power and a generator for power. And hand pulled well water and used rain collectors. We had to leave this home in september, though. The land was given to us by family. Who never followed through with the deed and then made us leave. So now we live in and apt. We sold everything to live that way. And lost all of it but our border collie “Bandit”when we had to leave. Most had to be sold or left behind. But we loved the lifestyle. We currently are considering backpacking since we lost it all. But would love to find people and a place to live this self sustaining life again.

  4. Bob the builder

    Hello Ann, I am 39 years old with 21 years experience building and remodeling homes. I have have been obsessively researching off grid living for years now. I have installed many off grid systems in northern michigan on cabins, and small homes. I am very experienced in all aspects of buildning, including rough framing, log building, electrical, and alternative electrical sources, water collection and storage, off grid heating and cooling, after 21 years building, there I want any project I cannot handle. I am an avid hunter and fisherman, experienced in organic gardening, composting. I have old school work ethics, and actually enjoy the challenge of hard work. I am a born and bred country boy who has been caught in the city way too long. I am ready to fulfill my longing to be away from the chains of society and living life purposefully. If you are still looking for people to help you make your off grid community complete, please email me at jeremyyoumans011@gmail.com

  5. Jessie

    I am interested. I have many skills related to off grid living. Please email me. Jessie.bogart@gmail.com

  6. Erik

    Im simple so this’ll be simple. Ill just give you a short bit about me and my skills and just hope to hear from you. I am young 26, i grew up in a not very nice city and joined the army At 17 to escape which as expected was just another prison. Since my discharge ive kept outta trouble and worked my fingers to the bone for the things i have but frankly i just want to hunt and fish and be free of money im not happy unless im in the woods. Im currently a mason, brick and mortar, but ive learned some things with the little time ive been on this rock other than that. I lived on a small cattle farm after my discharge with a friend and his family where i picked some things up that may help with what you hope to accomplish. I am a adequate hunter and tracker ill never profess to be the best. My second stepfather taught me pretty well in whats left of the forest in southern New England. And i hold basic knowledge in most construction fields and pretty decent knowledge of irrigation and botany. I confess i am not a master of any paticular skillset but i do think you would find me a worthy addition to your tribe. I plan on building my tiny home in this coming year buying land and attempting to do exactly what you and finding a small community to share it with although i am a introvert i do enjoy the company of others from time to time. Your land sounds beautiful miss Ann please feel free to contact me anytime erik.desrosiers1@gmail.com i dont know how often you have access to the internet bit i hope to hear soon!

  7. Denise Lopez

    Hello Ann, I am very interested in joining you. I’ve always felt like i didn’t belong and I’ve always done things differently than everyone else around me. I’ve been searching for an opportunity like this for as long as I can remember. I am a very fast learner and a very good listener. I don’t have much experience in gardening but I am willing to love and care for any plants and trees you may have or want me to grow. I have also been dabbling in making healing oils and learning as I go. I also make my own kombucha and have started fermenting my own sauerkraut. Excite to learn to do so many other things like canning and fermenting other foods. I would LOVE an opportunity to help out and live on your land.

  8. Beth and Marc

    My brother and I offer basic electronic and outdoor skills. I have had my off-grid medical supplies and camping supplies, he’s 55 and I’m 59 and strong for our age. We are both interested in going away from all of this, (and I’m guessing you know what I mean). My brother and I have been collecting things to live on the land for some time and ready to live life as it was meant to be lived. Looking for like-minded people that are ready to go.

  9. Cass Wohler

    My husband and I are very interested in your post. We are in our early 40’s. He is ex-military and extremely skilled. I am a former RN. Very handy hard-working and imaginative. Please contact us as soon as possible…thank you…Cass and Travis Wohler…cwohler2017@gmail.com

  10. Jack ridlington

    Hello there nice to see people are still at it! I lived off grid on a bus as part of a group for just over two years, as low impact and self sustaining as possible. I’ve worked as a welder in dockyards through winter whilst living in said dockyards and so have some mechanical experience, I’m also good with alternative energy solutions, I’m by no means a brain box nor pure Braun (more the first), but I’m capable. I lack funding! For the past year I’ve been living the life of a nomadic hermit really as I can’t afford to purchase land. However as soon as someone with land is found I make a good worker and builder requiring no pay, just a love of the life and a need to be out in the country.
    I’m only 23 but not quite typical, I’m incredibly polite and l work until my back is broken and hands are raw but my fault being I’m rather solitary, not unsociable though!
    Since the group is been with disbanded and people returned to town life I’ve very really been a little lost and wondering, forever looking for”that spot” where I can build my own little self sustaining eco bubble without fear of the council finding my haven and tearing it down before moving me on.

    • Erik

      Your a inspiration friend, keep at it and you will find your true home, as i hope i do. I like seeing and hearing stories of younger people going off grid, my only regret is not making the decision sooner.

  11. Amanda

    Wow, you have so many responses! I’m not ready to go off grid yet but what you’re doing is amazing. I hope that when I am ready I find someone like you. Light and love

  12. Eric

    Hi I would love to start a new and meaning full life off grid. I don’t have much money don’t even believe in it. But of course being apart of society your forced to have it.
    I would just love to live as just a human being of this Earth and live happy, stress-free and content. I am a hard worker and willing to learn more by handon experience. If you can help or have info please email me zynixx30@gmail.com

  13. Andrea

    Hello Ann,
    Personally, Im tired of feeling like Im not living my life to the fullest. I feel very unsatisfied and I would like to do something meaningful and worthwhile, while also learning new skills. The off-grid way of life has been very appealing for a few years, but Ive found myself struggling with how to begin. This seems like a great forum to try and reach out and make something happen.
    Im a 32 y/o female. No husband. No children. I also dont have any special/specific skills that would make me stand out. But I do have an open mindset and a great work ethic. I would love to help you and others obtain this wonderful goal.
    Thank you :)

    • dwarner

      Hello All,

      I’m Derric… I’ve deeply been considering free-ing myself from the nonrewarding basic life,that I’ve found isn’t what we tonighthought

      • dwarner

        sorry…. I’m new to the site…. where was i…

        that I’ve found isn’t what excites me….at the ripe age of 43, I have found that i have a viewpoint about life that doesn’t revolve around what is mainstream…. I’ve completed my term in the Army…. gained as much government education as i want… managed obtain skills from carpentry to construction…. from engineering to home repair…
        I want to enjoy life….i want to wake each day with a purpose….i want to understand the essence of myself, and enjoy experiences with other like minded people…
        Please tell me…. how can i join you there… and when…. I’m ready now….
        feel free to communicate with me…

        i can’t stand this cell phone ….

  14. AngelBud

    I have run my own homestead but just recently had to give it up due to circumstances outside my control. So, I am now seeking a new homestead to call home. Let me know if you’d be interested in a 37 yo fem that is intelligent, giving, resourceful, caring and experienced.

  15. Jerry Smith

    Hello Ann,
    I have heating, plumbing, electrical and construction knowledge.
    I also have farming knowledge ( crop not cattle ) I have ties into the solar industry, the shipping container home industry, small panel home industry and the gmo, non gmo, and organic seed industry.
    I would love to be considered to take part in your adventure and be a part of your community.
    Best regards.

  16. rustina

    I realize you were looking for a team/Couple to help your vision , I am not in any relationship and I’m not real young 33, but as far as off grid survival and skills I’m your woman. trained certified and licensed in building and residential building and project management. As well as living solo in the woods by the Missouri river for quite sometime. I however have more then enough knowledge to obtain employment amongst the tax payors and such however I choose to work volunteer services only in return for such things bartered. I have lived in this manner for years making me much more humble and satisfied with the simple ways. I believe this is the year to make my life catch on and to become my dream achiever and aim for the stars. It would be better if I was surrounded by like minded individuals. truly the one neighbor you shouldn’t let slip away. Rustina

  17. Jacque'

    Hello Ann-
    I am also interested in this idea you are representing. I’ve wanted to go off the grid for a few years now. I can offer a massive amount of gardening and herbalist skills. Herbs are always in my gardens at home. Sewing of household goods such as curtains, blankets, sheets, pillows .. coverings. I am a great cook and love organic, canned, naturally preserved foods. When I was younger I spent summers on my great-uncles dairy farm. Helped out with the livestock and in the garden. I’m an extremely quick learner, will get right in there with the men and run machines, build, farm. I drove machines in a warehouse for 4 years.

  18. Dbarney23

    My wife and I would love to be apart of this both are very strong and capable people have raised livestock managed vegetable gardens etc. My husband studies survivalist skills and knows how to make natural clay from all soil as well as natural glazes for pottery he can braid rope from natural materials pitch from trees glue from bones and much more please email us if we could be included we wont be able to come until May when our lease is up here’s my email

  19. Tammy

    I am wanting to go off grid. I think we as a society have gotten away from basics. Technology is great but you still need some where to start.. I am a retired truck driver, I have experience in building, plumbing,roofing ,gardening, canning and food preservation,and a few other things. My father taught me alot growing up. I am looking for land, like minded individuals or a community. Contact me please. I feel this needs to be done to continue my life any further.

  20. daisy rose obregon

    Hi Ann/ Daniel,

    I’m Daisy, 32, single from Philippines. I’m very much interested to live off grid. I’m a registered nurse here and I live in a farm for almost 25 years with my parents. I want to live the way I used to before. please keep me updated. thank you.

  21. Phil

    Hello Ann.
    Family of 3. Handyman artist and Health consultant inquiring more about your community. Looking for a place to help build and grow with others of common interest.

  22. Offgridman3

    Ann , I am a veteran , and would be interested in your community ideal. I have lived in Minnesota, and Canada. I’m a survivalist, and love the outdoors, and challenges.

  23. Consciousmomma09

    My fiance, 1 and a half year old daughter and I are looking to go off grid: ) I will be starting online schooling soon to become a holistic nutrition Wellness practitioner and my fiance is currently a structural steel welder but knows how to work with wood knows how to do plumbing and is very educated in math and science: ) we love to farm hike and go on adventures love is our religion and we have ultimate faith in the universe and that anything that comes our way was meant to come our way good or bad we’re looking for a community where we can all live our lives but work together in the ways needed to be a hundred percent self-sustaining we would really like to talk to you more! Look forward to a response from ya! Namaste

  24. Jeramy Zappe

    Hello, I am very interested and serious in joining a community like this. I’m a single, 25 year old man. I don’t have any thing keeping from heading out and getting there. I’ve done some work with power tools although I could use more training. The only thing I can really say I offer is my determination and ability to work hard. I’ve done a lot of different jobs but haven’t been satisfied with one yet. I’m honest and responsible, no criminal record and haven’t been fired from a job. So really the only thing that might keeping me from joining is my lack of training. So if you have suggestions as to what I should learn before I get there or if someone there could teach me, let me know.

  25. Laura Clooney

    Please keep me informed

    Thank you

  26. Joseph

    I am very interested! I would be accompanied by my wife and 4 children, 3 girls, and one boy; oldest kids are my twins Joseph and Vonda who are 5, followed by Crystal, 2, and last but definitely not least is my youngest Abigail. All of these would add an immeasurable amount of laughter and happiness to any around them.
    My wife is a great cook, to say the least, and myself am an electrician and all-around handyman. Both of us love to build stuff, and I like to experiment with alternative power generation, such as hydro/wind generators.

    My email is Joelee7648@gmail.com if you would like to talk further. Thank you for your time, and may God bless you.

  27. Daniel

    I am looking for someone interested in going off grid, or someone who is currently living that way, or even a community of off grid’ers…

    I am a 36 year old single Male
    I receive a Pension from the VA
    am Ex Military
    I have some survival and outdoor experience…


    Please let me know if you are interested…

    • Cass/Travis Wohler

      Also looking for the same…he is ex military but we have yet to find property that is affordable..please email with any thoughts or ideas how to make this happen…ty..Cass

  28. Alex

    Hey Ann. I am a successful business owner in Florida. I’m 31 and looking to get away for a few months this coming spring. I am an eagle scout and have been in the wood my whole life. I an good at building and handy work. I am looking for a place to escape to for a few months soon. I think your land sounds amazing and I would love to help out with it. I would bring my own gear and be no headache. Let me know if we can speak more.

  29. Jay1984

    Hi Ann
    Love the sound of your utopia I have been working on experiments using water as fule and ways of making free electricity for growing all types off foods and plants . I also have a knowledge of aincent building techniques . who said living off grid had to be uncomfortable. The wonder excitement and possibility of what you are offering is life changing and about changing life’s . it would be an Honor to offer my skills and knowledge to assist you in bringing this together

    Jay from Glasgow in the uk

  30. Michael

    My gf and are have been wanting this for a few years please contact me! I am a maintenance supervisor with a ton of skills.

  31. Maliha Memon

    Im really interested in this prospect. If you could email me thatd be awesome

  32. Mark Aldrich

    Hello I have a wife and a special needs son who is 6 we right now rv live full time also a mechanic and also has carpenter skills
    Wife us a great cook and baker
    Hope we can do this thank you

    • ann

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your post. I am hoping to wait until after the holidays and see how many responses we get. Maybe we can get a number of people together talk about ideas, and see what pans out. I will post here, and also send out info to everyone who replies.

  33. Carl Gibson

    Ann, I am interested in joining you. It would be nice to have another like minded person around. I am a veteran, and survivalist. I have skills in carpentry, alternative energy, gardening, and was raised up on a farm. And raided up off grid with my grand parents. I have been off grid for 8 years.

    • ann

      Hi Carl,

      Thanks for your interest. You sound very prepared for all of this. I am hoping to set up a meeting with everyone after the holidays. Hopefully we can all meet, talk about our ideas and see what pans out. Talk to you soon!


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