[before_listing id=287 images= youtube=null] Land in Northern Atkansas. Marion County. Right in the Heart of the Arkansas Ozarks. Near Buffalo River National Park 1 Mile. 1 Mile from Leatherwood National WCA.1 Mile from Loafers Glory Conservation Ares. 36 acres More or less at about 1150 ft. elevation.Land is 14 miles South of Yellville off of highway 14 near the village of Cozahome. Land is all timber, I mean real timber not brush. Ridgetop with large area for homestead. Running undeveloped spring. 650 ft of County Maintained gravel road frontage. Electric service available. Nearest neighbor is about 3 miles away. County road deadends up against Buffalo river area. No thru trafic. My Wife and I bought this so we could get off the Grid about 12 years ago. We kept the mineral, timber, and water rights, and they go with the land.We have both since become disabled and cannot fulfill our dream. Has clear title. Taxes are under 100 dollars a year. Title regestered at Marion County Court House, Yellville Arkansas. We are asking $55,000. A great secluded place for a great price.[landbuddy_listing id=287 youtube=null]

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12 Responses to “Land in Arkansas Ozarks”

  1. Josh cornelius

    I would really like the property want to get off the grid my self

  2. daniel r croddy

    hi. my cousin may or may not be known to you. her name is kendra croddy. her mother roberta just passed. i am trying to get ahold of her. if nothing elde see if she is around in the surrounding communies. i lived in padanaram ( the village) so i know how this works . just please see if you know her. thank you.

  3. jimmy

    Hello Bud, I have 33 acres outside of Kingston Arkansas, which is about 45 miles from the Fayetteville area. I am going to list this land soon if you are interested email me. it has power and a well and a pond and more. travcojim@gmail.com

  4. bud hilton

    hello steven , cusrious to know if you still have this property i am very interested, me brother in law and nephew looking for a place to go off grid and be self sufficient, live off the land , and your property sound extremely interesting to us, if still available please give me a call @ 479-747-9085//bud

  5. Jenn H

    Very interested if this is still available – serious inquiry

  6. Bill

    I used to lived in cozy home I wish I can move back down there, if I could come up with $55,000 I would be gone in a heart beat.

  7. Karcy

    You know what, I’m very much icnlneid to agree.

  8. ann marie

    I would like to see the land if it is still available
    please email me or c#904-377-7777 thank you
    ann marie

  9. Kevin

    If you all still have the land, please contact me. Interested in taking a look at it. Thanks, K

  10. Jon Angelo

    You can not be far from a John Broderick I met and stayed with near Mountain Home. I know he attends St Joseph’s Catholic Church there. He has about 40 acres and has made some preparations. Might want to connect.

  11. Vicki koether

    Hi there Steven,
    My name is vicki. I am a nurse and my husband is a deputy sheriff. We have been wanting to go off grid for about 3 yrs now. At this point we have yet to find a piece of property in which to do so. Our dream is to have a homestead in which we rarely “need” to leave. We dream of raising our two boys to respect the land and all it has to offer, while gaining respect for themselves. We want to teach them how to be self sufficient instead of relying on the government for energy, food, water, etc.
    Please contact me via email to discuss the possibilities!
    Thank you,
    Vicki Koether

  12. Cindy Converse

    I love this! We live in Cleveland, OH and would love to go off the grid, have always wanted to retire in the Ozarks… Please reply at your earliest convenience. Cindy Converse cindyconverse@gmail.com Do you have any photos you could please share?