Hello, We are a married couple who resides in Southern California at the moment. We  have 4.82 acres of land in Douglas,Az Cochise County.. The area is dirt road access off of a paved road, there is a horse ranch and a Green built home a few acres away from our parcel, the dirt is absolutely beautiful its Reddish brown dirt ( looks like Clay)  we are planning to use solar, for electricity as the property is not connected to power lines, but the down fall is we have No Water Well! We are gonna have water hauled in because we don’t have money to put in a well at the present time… But we have been watching YouTube videos about putting in a Water Well  on our own. On the land there are huge Jack rabbits and lots of quail that roam the property, 360 view of the mountains and extremely quiet. We bought Plans for a 2 bedroom 1 bath EarthBag home plans. We are  also looking into  Portable Buildings… We are looking for dependable people who are interested in being a Land Buddy  possibly we can work on a well ourselves or even portable water may be an option… We are looking to grow our own food source, we already make and sell Bath & Body products, we are looking for others who can bring some imagination, honesty, hardwork, dedication and kindness to the table. 


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6 Responses to “Land Buddy”

  1. awilson

    Wondering how your journey forward has progressed? If you’re still in need of help. Is the Bath & Body business coming along nicely? Do you need help?

  2. Mike

    One year too late ?

  3. Alexander

    Hi my name is Alex and your post has peaked my interest . I don’t have much money but I would be willing to make a trip to live off grid. I have 2 strong hands and lots of knowledge and creativity to bring to the table. I am a 21 year old college student currently on my third year of studying criminal justice and want to get away from the bells and whistles of modern life.
    Growing up I was a member of 4-H and I have raised a barn or two in my day, and know how to take care of livestock. I can tend to a garden. I am very handy with tools, as I helped my dad flip houses my whole life. I am a funny hard working individual, guess that’s just how I was raised. If your interested let me know.

  4. KenjiFox

    I am extremely interested in this. I have been looking to purchase some land there myself for the exact reason that you describe.
    I will be bringing a 16ft (13 actual) Scamp fiberglass trailer to live in with my partner. She and I use very little resources, and I already have solar installed on our Scamp. I am extremely knowledgeable when it comes to solar and other off-grid systems. I am also an electronics tech, so I can set up automation systems for gardens and water systems.
    I love the idea of building earth domes and planned on doing exactly that. Such a building can be kept geothermally heated and cooled quite easily all year-round in that environment. I currently reside in Michigan but will be heading out that way fairly soon.
    With a utility trailer and a water tank I would happily do water runs to keep the site supplied.

    Feel free to email me; waruikaminari at gmail . com

  5. Rena

    We might be interested in this…… also from Arizona. Call me (480) 703-4388 if you want!!

  6. ZedKay

    Sounds really good :)
    I would be over there in a flash if I had a travel partner.
    I wish you luck – especially with the water. You could also dig a Baragem as well as a Well or borehole. In Portugal most people create tanks from stone/clay etc across the land with pipes to carry water to & from each – works really well if you have sloping land. Then you have easy access to water without having to transport it far and using pipes for irrigation you get some pressure too. Are you going to practice Permaculture?
    Portable chicken house is a good plan too – to tractor the land – all the best