Hello, We are a married couple who resides in Southern California at the moment. We  have 4.82 acres of land in Douglas,Az Cochise County.. The area is dirt road access off of a paved road, there is a horse ranch and a Green built home a few acres away from our parcel, the dirt is absolutely beautiful its Reddish brown dirt ( looks like Clay)  we are planning to use solar, for electricity as the property is not connected to power lines, but the down fall is we have No Water Well! We are gonna have water hauled in because we don’t have money to put in a well at the present time… But we have been watching YouTube videos about putting in a Water Well  on our own. On the land there are huge Jack rabbits and lots of quail that roam the property, 360 view of the mountains and extremely quiet. We bought Plans for a 2 bedroom 1 bath EarthBag home plans. We are  also looking into  Portable Buildings… We are looking for dependable people who are interested in being a Land Buddy  possibly we can work on a well ourselves or even portable water may be an option… We are looking to grow our own food source, we already make and sell Bath & Body products, we are looking for others who can bring some imagination, honesty, hardwork, dedication and kindness to the table. 


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