[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hey there, I’ve been looking to have an off-grid base for a while now. I just want a location where I can be in close proximity to like minded people, but also have my own little thing going. I’d be willing to trade labor, or money, for a small part on your land, really just a quarter acre. I want to build a hobbit hole, and of-course have a garden, and some live stock (probably just chickens to start). I am open to most locations, but would like to be as rural as possible. I am good with construction, auto mechanics, and mostly everything with my hands. I’ll help anyway you need. I just want to live like a human should, and not drown in consumerism. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Labor/money for area on your land.”

  1. Stephanie

    Hi, It looks like you posted near Minneapolis on the map. If you are in this area I would love to talk to you. We have 10 acres and might be willing to host the right person for some help on the farm we are starting. We would love to be off grid ideally, but it’s a slow, slow process. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Amy Schmidt

    To all interested: I have land :) Please check out website. This is a primitive situation, combining low tech agriculture and hunter gatherer skills. Lots of work to be done, but have space to share!
    Thanks much!

  3. Kristin

    I would like to do the same. I’m looking for someone with land in TN who wouldn’t mind me living simply in exchange for caring for their property, sharing produce with them and any other chores they need help with.

  4. Joanna

    I have land in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. It’s much cheaper than any land I have seen so far, although digging to the water costs $, but there are other people who want access as well and who may pitch in. There is more land available. It is not completely “off-grid” but it is 30 mi from Crestone, CO.

  5. Inthiscage

    I’ve found some potentials, but WA is the ideal location. What you’re attempting to set up, is what I’m looking for actually. I was thinking of buying some land as well, but wanted to contribute to something existing. What is your time frame? I’m pretty much open. Although, I would need to find employment there (which from looking on craigslist would be pretty easy). You can contact me at Tyler.mail_box@yahoo.com, and we can discuss things in further detail. Thanks for reaching out, and I look forward to talking more with you.

  6. Adrianna

    Any more luck? I am getting ready to sell my place in a development and am looking at 20 acres in the Graham Washington Area. My goal is to start a small community eventually. We will build a housing center first for staying in and then each persons house as they come along. Small, off grid and still close enough for us folks who still work closer to the city. I will be taking information for interested parties soon. I am interested in hearing what your looking for. Adrianna~

  7. Inthiscage

    Nope, still looking. I am looking at a property in MO, but never been there, and it’s not ideal. I’d like something as North West as possible, Montona, WA, ID would be best.

  8. LivingitNow

    Hi…our Homestead offers what you are seeking. Contact us at redwateracres@yahoo.com if you want to find out more.

  9. Ivan

    Hello I will be the first to comment so how is it going find any thing?