Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis au naturel

Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis is off-grid ready, she has told David Letterman.

Her new solar-powered home allows her to go off-grid at the flip of a switch .

‘I’m off the grid. I have a ladder that I climb up and I check my solar panels. They cover the whole roof, in LA, where there’s a lot of sun. And when the sun is shining, you can go and look and your electrical meter and it’s spinning backwards! It’s very exciting ‘ and I have batteries to store the power in, and when the power goes out in LA, which happens a lot, you throw this switch and you’re completely off the grid!’

So, Kristen is really off-grid ready ‘ in the event of a blackout, she can prevent the power from entering the grid and live off her batteries for a while.

The 43-year-old actress also talked about her work with Oxfam America ‘ in particular her fight against poverty and desire to visit every country in Africa

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