Have 20 acres completely off grid both wooded and open areas,  in the Pacific northwest near Canadian border and Mt Baker. Wonderfully secluded but not isolated,  only 15 mins from town. 

Ready to include others who thrive on from the ground up. Those who choose elbow grease over debt. Those who love to build and create from innovative thinking and motivated learning. 

Currently only women live here and that seems to work best.  Men who are interested please know. .. male privilege is something you must be truly aware of  and recognize it is at the very least annoying as well as insulting,  and would of course be unwelcome here.

Some things on our ‘living the good life’ DIY list are. .. wild built shelters, tiny homes on trailer beds, out houses etc. Ponds, garedens, orchards.  Outdoor kitchen, community space. Wind turbines, rain catchment,  rocket stoves etc. We have some solar and back up generators to add to as well. 

We live as eco mindful as possible.  Organic and clean as well as tidy matters !

Please contact for more information and questions you may have. . Keepmeinthelight@yahoo.

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