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Wearable charging device that hanresses your own body movement
New meaning for self-sufficient
Ampy’s Move harnesses your own body energy and pumps it back into your cellphone or any other device.

Checking the expected battery life of any new mobile gadgetry has become a key consideration. We all know that feeling of peering anxiously at the last sliver of charge just when it’s needed most. Ampy has introduced an alternative to solar or wind-up for off-grid power by tapping one’s own kinetic energy to recharge. Buy Ampy’s Move for $129+ shipping a pair of inductors convert your body’s movements to energy. There are optional accessories to strap it on a limb for cycling or running for maximum effect.

An hour’s exercise promises an hour of smartphone charge or 24 hours of smart watch use. There’s an app too, of course, with fitness tracking and so on. The more vigorous the movement the better: so plenty of imaginative ways to harness your kinetic potential.


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One Response to “Harness your own kinetic energy”

  1. Calvin

    prospective buyers should be careful of this device. If you’re hoping to go “off the grid” with the Ampy Move, think again.

    First read their kickstarter comments page. It is awful and very depressing. Page after page of user complaints about how this is not at all efficient or practical.

    Now read this technical breakdown:

    Frankly this is borderline fraud!