Hello fellow off-griders,

 We are a married couple in our 20’s and 40’s looking to live off grid. We have been working our way to this as we see the world going crazy. Always had a strong desire to live as far from society as possible with a few trusted and close people. 

We see ourselves as old souls born in the wrong time. We are drama free, acceptent of others way of life and keep to ourselves. 

We have a small successful handyman business that we just want to shut our doors and live isolated full-time.  We’d be willing to help on projects, landscaping, gardening, live stock, hunting, fishing, and just about anything we can do to help make life comfortable for everyone.

Always willing to learn and teach others what we know. We’d like our own small piece of land that we could live on to  garden and raise animals like  chickens, possibly a few goats, a cows, a horse, but mostly chickens.

We don’t drink or do drugs. Although home brewing is a hobby of his. Venturing into wine making as well. We are pro marijuana we see this as medicine not a drug. 

We have 2 dogs 3 cats and plan to have our TOW ready by the end of the year. So we’d like to hopefully find a place that is rural with all four seasons. 

Not looking to financial invest but would be willing to trade skills, labor, and knowledge to live somewhere. 

Ideally we’d are looking to be somewhere in the Continental US.  Always wanted to live in somewhat a mountainous or near a beach as we love fresh air and enjoy hiking, kayak, horse back riding. 

If we sound like we’d be what you’re looking for to be a part of a community feel free to email us. 

Be safe and wish you all the best of luck.  

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4 Responses to “Just looking to live peacefully”

  1. Momo

    Mustafa, vipi kaka? Njoo Canada!!

  2. Mustafa

    Hi dear friends,
    My feelings are somewhat the same as Qwent91 above, I am a 28 year old, from Tanzania, and I am looking to volunteer with anyone to barter skills for off grid living, for a short time, I am currently in Atl, Ga
    Due to the pandemic I am stuck here,
    But it has always been my dream to help and let live,
    I am a hard worker, and can pretty much do anything that it takes to survive by contributing through labor and other means,

    Please contact me if I suit any of your needs,

    I am ready to start today,

    Kind regards,


  3. Gen Agustsson

    We are born in the wrong world! I don’t want to hide truths any longer! I agree that cannabis is a herb not a drug! I would love to live peacefully too, you know in a natural off grid spot! The world is so urbanized now than before!

  4. Qwent91

    Hello. My name is Quentin.

    I’m a single guy who is 28. I feel very similar… Been trying to live off-grid or so for about a decade now. Wanting to be around people that I can trust and feel safe with. Friends and family…

    Feel that I was born in the wrong time also… I want to keep to myself also unless necessary.

    I’ve been trying to learn new skills as much as I can. Especially when it comes to my traveling and the intentional communities that I’ve going to over the years…

    Still want to learn and all that. I do have decent experience in animal care…

    I don’t do any drugs or alcohol either.

    No pets.

    Don’t want to invest in anything. Rather barter.

    I’m still trying to figure out of where I will like to be ideally so we’ll see…

    Either way, thanks for reading this message. Appreciate it.

    Hope you guys are doing well.

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