Small island life of hard work and low funds. We have ferry to Cortes Island and 800 year around residents. There are 4 stores, a school, health center and much more. Very beautiful island with much peace a quiet. There are a small amount of local jobs more in the summer. 

We have 120acres that we have been making a home in with our family. 5 children between the ages of 3 And 14. Our plan is to clear a lower part of the land for garden and crops. After fencing to also keep livestalk. We do everything by hand with very little amount of power tools. 

We are open to the right people with the right mind set to come a be part of the family. I must stress that we are Christian and this would be important that you would shear this us. Please feel free to contact us 


Misty and family

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7 Responses to “Just a little spot of beauty”

  1. Samuel Alley

    Greetings My name is Samuel Alley, I didn’t know If you were still looking for help on the Island of Cortes, but I am a 37 year old Christian male who loves God, but hates society and social structures. I am perfectly capable of such much physically amd mentally but I do not wish to be apart of civilization as it is, but of course that does not mean I hate people or anything it just means that government has It’s hand in everyones soul. I have many, many skills and I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran. I do not have alot of experience with animals, but I love them and am willing to learn. I have carpentry skills and a hard work ethic so if you are still interested in having somone please let me know. God bless and my email address is

  2. Julian Phillips

    Hello i am 23 year old christian male who is seeking to find an off grid community to live in. I am just tired of robotic stressful on-frid lifestyle and would love to live a life in tune with nature, letting my own creativity thrive and live off the land. I am willing to work as hard as it takes to earn a place among like-minded helpful people build an awesome community. I love working with my hands and would love being away from technologies distractions and live in the moment.

    • Misty

      Hello. May I ask where you are from? It’s slot of hard work here. We have spent 1 1/2 building a house that is still not finished. Due to medical hardship of one child we did not get a garden in last year. This year so far has been clearing land for garden. All of which we are doing by hand. Cutting trees with a chainsaw and moving it all by hand. Like I said a lot of hard work. We run generator for power for fridge and cell charging and light. We have no cell service where we are but a short walk of half a mile and you can get it. Anyway if you would like to talk farther please feel free

  3. Ray85

    We are very interested im 32 I have wife and 3 kids ages 5 7 and 10 I have all building tools is what I do for living also Christian and work dusk till dawn

  4. Dalton

    Hi there my name is dalton and I am 23 I currently live in Las Vegas Nevada I am not Christian I used to be but I believe strongly that you can believe in your religion any way you’d like it’s your right I am kind caring and compassionate and want to travel and meet new people and live life to the fullest and have real world experiences I hope you will decide to contact me my email is


    Im a single mother of 2 looking to go off with no help really. Divorcing not a sad situation exciting and scary. Looking for a off grid Home!

  6. andrew mclanaghan

    hi misty and family i am a 53 year old male ,worked all my life and lately found myself looking at ways to basiclly start a new life away from all the hustle of the modern life and all the stress that comes with it,i own my own house and just feel i want to sell up and have got to that time in my life were i dont want to live the way i am living any more and have seen your article and wondered if you could tell me more, i hope you dont mind me asking,
    all the best andy