Looking for a place to finally call home. I’m 43 years old and not scared of work, I been a truck driver for 25 years. recently the state took away my CDL license due to tickets I didn’t know I had. I don’t believe what they did was fair to me but that’s a tale for another time. I got some skills in the woods but not many. I can fish pretty well I love doing it. I also love black powder, in fact I make my own. I love antique riffles and pistols. I make all my own cap and ball loads for the most part. now hunting is another matter all together, I never really had the time. I might be good at it I really don’t know but I’m very willing to learn. I’m a crack shot at the range so there’s a start. I also want to mention I got an Interest in making old school homemade shine. now I haven’t tried it yet because of time but I’v researched it extensively on how to do it safely and correctly. I have a feeling I would be good at it. alcohol would be good for many things, cleaning wounds, cleaning auto parts, grease of any kind really, and with a re-flux still maybe even run a small engine of some kind in an emergency. I’m still looking into that one. of course a good snort would be the primary id imagine. I don’t drink myself for the most part but I’m not above having a drink with a few friends on occasion. I also have some experience with the bow, compound and re-curve but with that said its been 30 years ago. in my younger days 17 or so, I spent a few years living in tents and moving around a lot. living off the land and taking odd jobs here and again for the things I couldn’t get or make myself. I been thinking a lot now about doing this again for nearly a decade now. at first i thought the loss of my license was a bad thing till I realized it opened the door for me to do what i always wanted to without having to make the decision myself that the time is rite. my children are all grown and I’m divorced after 22 years of marriage. for the first time in 30 years I feel free. I’m long since tired of society the way it is, this rat race to have it all. I’m tired of being scared to eat everything I buy at the store. with that said I’m not a vegetarian or vegan so yeah, there’s that. I want a simpler way of life the way it should be. I want to be clear that I’m not looking for a place to get away for awhile, I’m looking for a place to spend the rest of my life. I would prefer a community of like minded people but just a piece of land to live out my years alone in the woods will work just as well. being a trucker I’m used to long periods of time with no contact with people and small sleeping quarters ill be fine. I’m taking the next few months getting supply’s and things ill need out there, a pickup truck would be a fine example. at the moment I only own a motorcycle, of course its powerful enough to tow a bass boat but I think a truck would be far better. anyway, I’m posting this a bit early hoping somebody out there has or knows what I’m looking for. i believe ill make a good addition to a community if given the chance. Ill leave this up for awhile in hopes the right people find it and find me, i guess if not ill head out in a few months still looking.

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7 Responses to “just doing what i wish i had years ago”

  1. BushGirlT

    My family and I resonantly bought 30acres Inland Alaska. We are planning to start our homestead in the coming spring. My husband is good with gardens and I have knowledge of log cabin building, fishing, hunting, first aid, herbal medicine. And trapping. We live off the grid in southwestern bc at the moment and I was raised off the grid. We have 4 children all but one over 10.
    Anyway you can get in contact with us via email if you would like. Bushgirls@icloud.com

  2. Wolfman234

    Are you sti looking, I’m looking for a partner in a nice lake in Ky. , Good hunting , and fishing. I’m a veteran in my 60s, and a survivalist. Have 8 acres willing to share or se have, as long as we have our own little community.So if your interested just e-mail me back

  3. Dovely

    JRifter contact me at mystic@bohemianelegance.com we are working on a project in southern CO you may be interested in.

  4. HillyBilly

    Hi, what state do you presently call home?
    Which areas are you willing to consider?

    • jrifter1281

      I’m living in ranger Texas at the second. with a little research on a state i would consider near any of them. there are a few i would have to turn away however. California for starters. Florida, New York state.

      • FIXTPoint1

        We are in BC Canada if that is an option?

        • jrifter1281

          BC is an option, i lived in BC once for about 6 months i loved it there. at the moment im having to look after my not so well mother but that wont be much longer.

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