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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Looking for scientifically minded people with goals to go off the grid and be self-sufficient. Is anyone in Australia?[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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12 Responses to “Joshua – interested in living off the grid.”

  1. Artificer

    I am looking at 74.73 ha land with a waterfall in Tasmania the price is $200,000 but I need to get a loan so I want to share it to get help paying off the loan once it is paid off the land will be free to the ones helped me pay the loan off

  2. Lidwine

    Hi all, so it has been years nothing written on here. What happened? Has the people looking to change lifestyle moved forward in their project? Are the people that were already Off grid still doing well?
    My partner and I are putting together a plan to build an off grid earth bag home in north NSW. We havnt got the land yet. Anyone has done it, and would share some of their experience with permits or tips for example? Many thanks. I hope i get an answer, since it has been so long…! Cheers guys

  3. RodC

    Living off-grid, Science, Technology and Biodiversity are the disciplines. have large block of land. May be interested in persons to buy in. No cults, or people politics allowed. “The truth is within all sentient life forms”.
    Have lived in monastries in the himalayas for many years.

  4. mathuranatha

    G,Day Joshua ,Phillip and Louise , i just joined this forum – good to see some Aussies on here . We have shares available in our community in Nth NSW near Uki/Murwillumbah if anyone is interested or knows anyone who is looking to get of the grid and be self sufficient ,permaculture etc .Hey Louise ,we travel around the area sometimes in wagons pulled by Oxen

  5. stadulevich

    looking to get a group of people to buy an island near equator off grid, let me know if interested

  6. louise

    Hi there, I have just moved to NSW and am building a small off grid home to settle in after travelling with horse and wagon in uk for years. Would love to chat with like minded folk…also can anyone advise on an efficient smallish fridge to run via inverter from 300w panels? Thanks, Lou

  7. Phillip

    Im scientifically minded, Live in the eastern coast Australia and want to get off peak oil and coal, simple living,, permaculture, ecological systems design.

  8. jillybplace

    Hi Paul good on you for finding a way to survive without having to rely on the grid. Hope you are doing ok. I am living in West Australia, In May building house in country off grid. Would be interested in your opinion for best battery type for storing solar power. Regards Jilly

  9. Paul

    Joshua, Been off grid since the 2011 floods in Brisbane, Running mostly 12v but washing machine (240v inverter). and fridge freezer 24v. If you want som advice just ask.

  10. hunter06

    brian glad to hear you are already doing it .are you around michigan .I would like to meet you you sound very knowledgable.let me no some of your thought or if your interested in what im am working on I no number game is alot better than being by your self maybe email me at thanks

  11. Brian

    Hunter, My name is Brian I have two children . Single father of 2 children 16 and 11 . Me and me kids have discussed this topic and prepared for living off the grid. We have build our wind turbines and 12 volt power systems. As well grow our own garden , can and preserve. I bow hunt and fish to help stock the freezer .However , the one concern is I earn a living off the internet. We do not watch T.V.. listen to lots of radio. Cut fire wood. Use rain barrels, barter, and build what I need when it is needed. I clean my own food. We raise our own chickens. Both for eggs, meat and compost. We have a green garden no pesticides.
    Hope this helps you . Sincerely, Brian

  12. hunter

    anyone interested i am starting a off grid community you can join . just to let you no a little about me .Ihave a wife and 5 children and live in central michigan I have the property just need to put the people together thanks hope to here from you