Hey, for several years I think about leaving the “race” of life and move to a more simple life that connect me back to my roots. i see how the technology gradually destroys our race, and i  want to go back to a simpler life… I am a teacher in Israel and would love to move to any location where there are good people who want to live in peace and love …

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18 Responses to “join me ! i want to go off grid”

  1. khalid

    Names Khalid living in dubai now. 21 Years old. have lived in alot of major cities. droped out of college twice this ever evolving society is not for me. Very intrested in living off grid primitive style of livving. If anyone can help out with that take me in, start something with me let me know. really want to live the primitive life style, nothing holding me back, not need to work do family welth and so yea thats a little summery of me. Ready to leave this world behind and go back to humans were supose to get off thier ass to gether food and build shelted and fight off prediters haha.
    Get in touch with me : khalidnujaidi@gmail.com
    will get back to whoever with in 12 hours.

  2. Daniel Shemesh

    Hi, I’m daniel quite young only 21.5 Years old but for a long time I’m very curious about many lifestyles around the world.
    I live in Israel.. There is an Organization that helps family groups to settle in the South : Negev and in the Aarava.
    I’m very passionate and motivated to start anything against this race that kills people from the inside(their sould and values) and also from the outside(their physical body). Off-Grid is the best solution I’ve seen for true living but I have many doubts about this lifestyle in israel because of the goverment all of the crazy laws that can kill us finanacialy and also leave a realy bad mark in our life for the upcoming future. I would love to try off grid. Many israelis already living this way in many ways: Bus that is modified to an house, House build from ground mix with straw, part of a train that was renovated, Living in a yacht and sailing all over the world and so on. Lets creat a group for Israelis in the facebook this might grow the members of people who will be interested in this kind of living :)

  3. idos

    hi hilla, my name is ido and want to hear more from you or this group (if exist)
    i am seeking the same idea !!! i have good skills for this and i am realy looking forword to make this happen and looking for people who shere the same goal. i am israeli and think its nice to have an israeli’s with me aswell, to speak the languege if needed, or to just have another israeli with, its just feel good extra !

  4. HILLA44

    hi :) i would like to get more info about Stave Lake in Canada… how can i contact you?

  5. HILLA

    we need to arrange some kind of meeting between all of us who wants to go off grid so we could start actually do something about it…. any ideas?

  6. Sam

    I am Male 6’1 . 200 lbs , Looking for female or group , i am looking at purchasing land in western NC or arkansas , to start from scratch living OFF GRID, fourty somthing wants to raise a child there too, grow food, chickens goats etc,, I have MAD building skills and will want to spend 2 years setting it up, meeting whoever and camping /living in the mountains to see if we are compatible

  7. Megan

    Hi my name is Megan I am definitely interested in living off-grid.Looking for a community or a group of like-minded individuals is tough. I am 39 yes.young and am a great person ,very resourceful and hard working. Please contact me .Serious inquiries only!!Pennsylvania or Delaware. I may consider other states

  8. Heychez

    Hello everyone, My name is Helen and I am 25 years old. For along time I have been wanting to live off grid. I am a very hard worker, passionate and creative. I am very good at making things with my hands. I want to build my own home and grow my own food and keep animals. I am becoming more and more at one with nature and I want off the land how we once did. I believe we can all achieve to create a happy and peaceful environment where we can live. Living economically and with less but being creating and using different ideas from modern eco friendly technology is the way forward. I have experience of growing my own food and agriculture. I also have experience with construction learning skills from my dad throughout my life. I am recently come back from rural Tanzania Africa where I have been living for 3 months working on a entreprenurship programme in aid to develop the village in regards to the Dairy Industry. Here it became even more clear to me that my destiny is to live off grid and off the land and be resourceful with what I have. As I have been working for free in Africa I do not have much savings but I am doing many things to generate income and soon start work. I am hoping nearer to the end of the year I will have enough money to invest in an off grid life. I am very excited determine and passionate to learn and grow within the off grid life style. :) I look forward to sharing ideas and hearing more from people. I do not have a preference of location as I would like to find out more from people. I am very adaptable and can live just about anywhere. Please email me to share ideas. Thank you Helen.

  9. Sam hitchner

    I am a simple southern young man, I’m 26 and the only thing for the past 10 years that I’ve thought about is the woods,( going off-grid ). As ready as I’ll ever be I guess my only concern is going alone. No one that I’ve ever spoke with shares the ideas of “off-grid” life. I’ve been in a lot of major cities and all I see is the same in every one, people who are just trying to make it threw everyday without exploding. To be honest that is not how I’d like to continue living in this world!!!! Anyone who has any type of experience or none at all as long as you share the same dream to be free. Please email me! All others good luck out their and keep your heads to the stars! Samhitchner@icloud.com

  10. Jeremiah

    Hi, hello, how do you do?? :) I would just like to start by saying it is nice to run into a few more crazies of the like minded. I had begun to wonder if I was just nuts for being fed up with this rat race of a life people seem so proud to live, and it honestly makes me sick. I am to the point where I just refuse to be a slave to a government that doesn’t care about me or my life in the slightest. That being said.. I am a 33 year old male, from Missouri, who has been commercial fishing the cook inlet in Alaska for 3 seasons off the Kenai Peninsula. I was inspired to go by watching deadliest catch, and I had as serious calling.. and it couldn’t be avoided. I had the calling again a couple more years, and so I returned.. but this time, the calling is different. This time, I wish to go and not come back. I’ve been all over the world, and Alaska still has what’s left of the old fashioned values, and just loaded with decent human beings, that genuinely seem to give a shit about their neighbors. People look out for each other, and take care of each other in times of need.. with out rhyme or reason. I want out of this hell hole, and I want to go back to Alaska! I am completely able to move forward with this alone, however, I thought I would check around and see if anyone else is feeling the same way, and maybe find a companion to share the journey with. I am not requesting any kind of skill set or anything of the kind.. as I said I can do it myself, so I don’t mind helping someone else, and teaching anything I know as well. I am going into this with very little pocket money to start, but I have a few solid ideas I am working with to start out, so it’s not a shot in the dark. I know a few people in Alaska from fishing, and I know someone that would allow me to build shelter and use his land to start things out. I would eventually like to move on of course, but it’s a solid starting point. The summer is full of all sorts of jobs if money is needed.. from working at the canneries, fishing work, help mending nets, buy stations can usually use a little extra help at times.. no shortage for some extra cash if needed. Anyway.. if anyone would like to share ideas, and feels like this is something they would be interested in, reply, or email at uneeqfate@gmail.com

  11. TommyB

    Marc Revet you should email me sometime, I am in a similar situation and am looking for people to discuss ideas, and see how we could make it our reality to live life the way it was mentioned to be.

    Thomas.Bathauet at Gmail.com

  12. Cody baird

    Hello, I live in northern Nevada with my wife, we are looking for a person to join us in our adventure. We already have 42 acres, and a well drilled, we are going to be doing a full homestead off grid deal, and need a third hand. We are ready to accommodate a third person anytime, just looking for a female friend for my wife. If you are still looking email me at Cody.Baird at hotmail.com

  13. Stave Lake

    Hello there. I have lived off grid for just over 12yrs, on the beach of Stave Lake in beautiful B.C. Canada. I have hosted many a traveller and have a 20ft trailer for such purposes. I exchange for garden/harvest help and depending on the time of year other odd jobs. The property has water/power/sewer services that I built. WiFi is also available these days, fast enough to stream videos, lol. If you’re interested let me know, cheers.

  14. Marc Revet

    Hello everyone…I am 40 years old and Autistic, I have spent my whole life dealing with social anxiety especially around large groups of people. I do not drink or do drugs, prefer to just spend my time out in nature and enjoy a simple life. Enjoying life is very difficult for me how ever because of what the world has become. Going off grid would be ideal for me but not sure if I could do it on my own nor could I afford to even get myself started. I am very good with survival, have allot of skills and am not afraid of hard work. I am kinda afraid to even attempt going off grid on my own though because they seem to pretty much make it impossible for anyone to do so anymore. If anyone knows of any groups that have gone off grid and would not mind me joining or have any tips or advice for me that would be great. Thank you.

  15. HILLA44

    Hi Mark,
    thank you for your reply .
    although i’m theoretically Jewish i’m fully aware of the days we live in and also believe and see that we are approaching to the end of times..do you know where such community can be found? i don’t have money to offer but can do all kind of work..

  16. Mark Dilley

    Yes add me to your mailing list

  17. Mark Dilley

    My wife and I are born again Christians that know for a fact that the judgement of GOD is coming to our nation and seek going back to basics living off the land in a Christian community of brothers and sisters in the faith of JESUS CHRIST. My name is Mark and we are physically and spiritually able to join a group in doing so. We live in the north bay area of San Francisco bay ca. We can sell or rent out our house and hopefully find a community that needs hands to do the work. I have many tools and talents that would be needed and useful in such a community. GOD BLESS and hope to here from you soon!!!