[before_listing id=277 images= youtube=null] Have you been looking for an Off-Grid community and been disappointed? Have you found communitites want you to believe what they believe, live as they live, give you specific tasks to perform, or want you to be an automoton?

We are:

Not religious
Not political
Non violent
Not your “leaders”

We are looking for like-minded, self-responsible individuals to join us on our New Mexico mountain ranch.

Visit us at placeofrefuge2012.com
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12 Responses to “Join Us”

  1. Ray

    I have been thinking about living a life off the grid somewhere in Az. I would love to get to know someone living out there…by the way, I am a single male and a handyman. Let chat sometime, and see where it lead too?

  2. JamesN

    Please shoot me an E mail if this opportunity is still available. I plan on relocating in late April to May. I will be more than willing to discuss skill sets and plans. Hope to hear back, Thank you.

  3. Chris Chadwick

    Looking for more info, can you please contact me via email.


  4. Los

    Still looking for candidates?

    I’m a former USAF Electrician, served a total of 8yrs. Born in Jan, 1986. I do a bit of my own home gardening. I’ve been a raw vegan for about 2(?) years now. My passion is all around self sustainment with a bit of knoweldge and books (survival, herbal, self sus.) on the subject. I’m quite skilled in many areas with room to learn for more. I’m more on the spiritual side. I sun gaze, walk barefoot on the earth as much as possible, meditate and have a few instruments that I have yet to master. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke. I plan on making an herbal garden, for healing of course with (tea’s, oils, hygiene care, etc). I have a litle bit of cash saved and currently live in San Antonio, TX and am willing to travel. If I seem compatible or if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email any time.


  5. Jordan

    Very interested in more information. Ready for this lifestyle change!

  6. Brandon

    Hello, I’m Brandon and just moved to silver city n.m. …I have a lot of alternative building skills and am very interested in living off grid and back to the land….If you could give me sa little more info about your place it would be appreciated …You can email me at the email address above , thanks Brandon

  7. Jay Davis

    My names jay,im 23 years old, grew up on a farm, studied electrical in college, currenty working as a telecomunications engineer. dont care for it . not a fan of how modern life is. money shouldnt be the motivation for life.
    im good with animals goats,chickens,horses dogs, good with my hands, friendly . willing to learn what i dont know and confident in what i do know.

  8. William P

    Hello, I am most interested in your project, I am 56 and have a family with one daughter, She is 8. I am a wood worker, designer, dreamer, and a want to get back to the land type of fellow. I love nature and growing my own food with some farm animals. I am the type of person that tries to live my life with love and respect for others. I believe in helping others and expect others to do the same for me. I have many skills and enjoying making things with wood. I make electric guitars as well. Well I hope to hear from you soon my family and I will enjoy the challenge and the adventure in a back to nature life style.

  9. mikep

    Leave us some contact info. Or contact us through the site. Thanks

  10. RON

    Where are you located?
    Location is a major factor for me. I currently live in the NE USA

  11. Rebecca allsteadt

    My husband and I have been looking in to it. We are generally run of the mill folks know quirks other than wanting to live off the grid . My husband is older but incredibly smart we are wanting to raise pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, sheep and honey. I have extensive knowledge on cheese making , soap making and all kinds of bee products. I am interested in homemade biofuels, methane fuel, other off the grid projects but we cannot do this our selves.
    Are you interested?