About a year and a half ago my family bought and moved to a secluded piece of land in NH. There was no electric even close to the homestead community and no water except from a pond. We brought our rv to live in as we build and we put in a well. We started with generator power and added solar. Soon we will be putting up a wind turbine. We added chickens, ducks and goats. We started a 1/4 acre garden and we will soon expand it. We hope to be at least 80% self sufficient in the next year. The best part is it wasn’t nearly as difficult of a transition as I thought it would be but it has been incredibly rewarding.

Are you living the off grid sustainable homesteading life you dream about? If not do you want to start now?

I am looking for individuals and families to share my family’s 50 acre homestead with as it grows. Is anyone interested in joining an off grid homesteading community in New Hampshire? Bring your tiny house, RV or come build your own cabin.

We are looking for people with all levels of homesteading skills. A lot of what we hope to do is help people to make the transition to off grid homesteading. There is quite a learning curve and many new homesteaders struggle and sometimes quit. If people come and submerse themselves into a working homestead they can learn quicker and avoid many of the difficulties they would face on their own.

send me a message if you interested.

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26 Responses to “Join my homestead community”

  1. Jessica

    My wife and I are looking for a fresh start and both possess a talent for homestead survival. If you are still looking, please contact me @ aajesblack@gmail.com or 540-247-6775

  2. Brandon

    so how does one get an invite to this experience?

  3. Katherine Daniel

    Im totally interested in this ad. I want to build a skoolie and hopefully a house. But first the skoolie of course. contact me if you can thank you!! Katherinedaniel96@yahoo.com

  4. Keonte

    If you are still offering, then I am interested. I’d rather not say anything personal, so email me please.


  5. Aeilla

    I’d love to learn more about this! Email me creativethinkerchick@gmail.com

  6. Matthew Applegate

    Please email me asap applegatema96@gmail.com

  7. Robin

    Hello Im interested and would like some more info about bringing your homestead if your still in need of people

  8. Cass/Travis Wohler

    We are a married couple in our early 40’s..he is ex military and I am a retired nurse..we have been wanting to become apart of a homesteading site for a while now, just couldn’t afford the property..hard working, honest and reliable..love nature and working for what we want…sounds like a resume doesn’t it..lol..just desiring the opportunity to live life free of stupid drama and get back to the basics..making life what we want and work for..please email, text or call if this opportunity is still available..ty..7855411481

  9. cassandra


    I see you have quite a bit of interest in your offer to join your homestead! That’s exciting to see because I have been debating the idea of either going nomadic in an RV or homesteading for about 6 months now. I’m in the financial planning stages, and slowly decluttering my life. I’ve spent the last few years working toward being more frugal in resource use, but I live in city apartments and have had little success with growing food in container gardens. I am single and in my middle years, and while I have always been independent and self-sufficient, a part of me thinks that having a small community of like-minded folks with whom to share resources and enjoy community would be enjoyable. I would come with a senior rescue cat named Banshee, but he can both earn his keep as a mouser, and sing for his supper– quite literally!

    I have gardening and animal husbandry skills, and am a musican, entertainer, and social worker by profession. I’m great with kids and am the “aunt” kind of personality. I’m good working with elementary through young adult aged youth and have taught music, drama, gardening, and other skills as a governess, along with some training in juvenile counseling. As I have never been a ‘baby’ person, I didn’t have kids of my own and being an unexpected, only-child, obviously didn’t get to be an aunt by blood. However, if others join your community with families, I can provide a couple hours a day of quality, fun, interactive time for the kids, so parents can get a spot of relief and time to be with other adults.

    My grandparents were first-generation immigrants who built their own home and lived on about 50 acres, with a full orchard, berry gardens, honey bees, hay and vegetable gardens, and various farm animals. They also ran a scrap business, cleaning out estates and recycling and reusing items from the “junk.” They had a well, a hand-dug cold cellar, and a canning room for storing in the basement, and even made their pasta from scratch. I spent summers there growing up and have some experience working alongside them in the farming.

    Please contact me if you’d like to get to know me a bit more, and we can see if we feel we could be a good fit. Thanks for posting!

  10. Ray Harris

    Your add is what im looking for im 32 I have wife 3 kids im from the woods (Texas) hunt fish all my life i remodel build houses electrician got truck tools guns and work dusk till dawn I’ve always dreamed of homesteading hurricane messed us up its perfect timing to chase dream

  11. Eric Daniels

    I’m 47 and my girlfriend is 50 and we have been spending most of our free time on reading about going off grid, looking at land etc… We have been ready to take the plunge for a long time but we are both scared of relocating to a new place where we literally have nothing like a home, water, electric and food sources. We are not big fans of the cold and NH gets pretty cold but we also are not big fans of the HEAT and Humidity like here in Maryland. I would love to start exploring some options and your homestead sounds interesting would love to hear more about what your offering.

  12. jarad

    my names jarad
    this is my second message to you not sure if you the first one
    me and my friend hannah are looking to get off the grid and homestead. we both want to get out of the rat race and craft our futures, we have skills and want a sense of community
    my names jarad im 26 , former firefighter, prepper, electrician, builder, amateur farmer , my friend hannah is 20 resourceful, intelligent and eager.
    were looking to homestead with a group, we have our own gear and can do for ourselves, we can contribute and if you want 2 great additions contact me on this thread or by email jaraddavis91@gmail.com

  13. Jarad

    I’m interested, I’m 26, and electrician and pretty good at bushcraft
    Email me at Jaraddavis91@Gmail.com

  14. melanie_ann

    My husband and I have been making plans the last few months to move off grid. Our plan consists of buying a few containers to turn into a home. I’ve been looking for affordable land to buy straight out w/ my retirement savings. I work for the state of North Carolina and I just don’t want to do this for another 14 years. We have no experience but many ideas. We are very excited!

  15. TinaB-H

    Totally interested

  16. Catherineflo

    I just joined this website. We have just started looking for property to buy to go self sustainable/ off grid and are still considering whether to sell or rent our current house. While doing the research I found this site. I actually think joining an already existing off grid community makes a lot more sense than doing it alone. We have been wanting to relocate to New Hampshire for a few years. My husband is a teacher. Are there schools in your area? I am a stay at home mom and would like to learn how to become self sustainable. We have a lot to learn but are intelligent, and hard working. We have a 6 year old son. We are currently in Maryland. I just joined and don’t know how to message you back. Please let me know if you are interested in talking further. 71division@gmail.com.

  17. billjmacallister

    I’m Your guy! We’re about to purchase land in northern Maine next year. Solar, Rain Harvest, garden, farm, small home. Been researching the last 5 years about solar, plumbing, electrical, brewing, farming, living as a minimalist, organic, composting, ect ect… We were considering being isolated. But, I have to accept that a community might be a better solution. More hands on deck to get things done. I’m very outside the box. I’m very hands on. I’m a home brewer, gardener, electrical tinkerer, I understand solar, biology, good with science and woodworking. Aquaponics, animal husbandry ( still learning), ect ect. I’m free on the weekends until ( i’m off grid and free in life) <- Would like to meet up and go over the dream and future of your plans and see if we're a match. Would like to say no big rush ( but i'm dye'n to get my hands dirty!) You know… send me an email billjmacallister@gmail.com <- Current resident in Chelmsford Mass. Close by. I'm very loyal, easy to get along with. Strong work ethic, bit obsessive with getting projects done.

  18. Bill J MacAllister

    We are a small family of 4 Hubby/wife and two small children. We are looking for a fully off grid life experience. Been researching the life style for the last 5 years. I know solar, farming, building, plumbing, some electrical, I am very outside the box. We were planing on purchasing Land in maine next year. Rain harvesting, Solar, farming and build a perennial forest. We were thinking isolation for a bit but, need to consider a community type setting as well. I’m strongly interested in joining and would like to meet up and see if we mesh. I’m an accomplished fisherman, brewer, raw furniture designer, small scale solar designer do it your selfer, we also do aquaponics, garden yearly. New to farm animal husbandry but eager to learn more. We been visiting many farms in Massachusetts and take in as much info as we can. We planed on having Bee’s , ducks, chickens, and goats. I’ve built a few green houses, cold frames and had success. You get it… we are very interested in off grid. I’m extremely loyal. Easy to get along with. Very honest. Shoot me an email I’ll be up there to talk on a week end.

  19. Cynthia Messier

    Hi, I am in the process of checking out living of grid communities and I am living in Massachusetts and am looking to move to a more rural setting so New Hampshire would be a good fit. I have had a backyard farm for a number of years and look forward to something bigger and to expand to other things. It would be myself and my grown daughter. We look forward to hearing from you at the above e-mail or you may call me at 978-766-8003.
    Thank you, Blessings, Cynthia and Jennifer

  20. Offgridman3

    Hello, I was wandering if you got my comment?


  21. Offgridman3

    I’m interested in joining your community, Could you send me some pictures? I’m a retired veteran, and have many skills and tools.

  22. Carl Gibson

    I am interested in your homestead. Can you send me some pictures? I am a retired veteran, and like living off the grid. And have many skills, and tools. I like growing my own food. And good company.

  23. Carl Gibson

    Hello, I am a retired veteran and I’m interested in joining your homestead. I have many skills and things to offer

  24. Carl Gibson

    Hello, I’m interested in joining your comunnity. I am a retired veteran and have a income coming in. And I have a lot of off grid skills. I Evan like to cook. I really don’t have any family. And love the out doors. I love growing food. And enjoy people with the same interests. I do not like to drive. I have a motorhome, but prefer to sell it and use the money to build a small shelter. I am 64 years old and healthy. So if you think I would be a good candidate, let’s talk more. And I would like to see some pictures. I have all sorts of tools to bring. And things for the community.

  25. Ben

    Hi still looking for a young family?

  26. David

    I am Very interested in your posting! I hope to speak with you and learn more.
    I have been thinking about a life change and one possibility is to convert a van and city dwell while keeping my job. This way I could save money for land then slowly build and off-grid home while still living in the van.
    …..Your post is very exciting :)