[before_listing images= youtube=null] I have a small 6 acre farm amongst large amish and mennonite farms with the 2000 foot appalachian mountains behind me across my trout stream running thru my farm. Those mountains are all state gamelands so no one lives there.

I have a creek, spring, well and trout stream, so there is always gonna be plenty of water and Pennsylvania is number 2 for states with water “flowing” above ground year round. We get plenty of summer rains too. Also all the gas fracking is 4 counties north of me so my water will always be clean and our farms here are mostly all in conservation / preservation.

I bought this two years ago with a 10 yr mortgage. I have 8 yrs left / 38k owed. I would love to have another single person (or maybe a couple) who wants to help me finish this place. I want to build a wellhouse, smokehouse, carriagehouse (UPDATE I BUILT THE WELLHOUSE, BARN / CARRIAGEHOUSE AND LOGHOUSE) and covered bridge still needs to be built sometime in the future for better access to land across my trout stream. I still have a lot of the materials left over to build my greenhouse and addition / bathroom.

I have built the rootcellar and storage and fireplace in basement as well as an all wood heated home. I have 1/2 acre of cleared land which i had a 1/4 acre garden this yr and canned and stored many many things for winter. UPDATE: I PLANTED 24 FRUIT TREES AND 15 BLUEBERRIES AND 4 GRAPE VINES

Now its up to finding serious people who wants to work hard and finish this place so we can get down to living off-grid. My electric bills run about 14.00 a month plus phone which has dsl. Solar will be a breeze not that i have built my barn which stands very high thru the trees.

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So now its up to you to see my site and make a decision to contact me and start a conversation. I HAVE OVER 200 PICTURES OF MY WORK DONE AT MY SITE

Oh it is rustic here since i have no indoor plumbing except a springbox with a handpump i installed in basement. http://directory.ic.org/22661/Central_Pa_Mountain_farm___for_Hip_open_minded_people

PS: I have lived in many communes around the usa since a teen in the 60′s and know all about living off-grid.

I am open to another investor as well to help me finish the addition and bathroom and laundry room and septic system. I do have the water piped into the basement but i haven’t turned it on because i need the septic system to run it into. I have though had 12 trucks of soil unloaded below to make a septic field.
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