Join me in paradise or I can join you if you have a better paradise :)

I can give lots of good things to this off grid community, but for the beginning I want to tell you a little bit of a story about my background: 

I am from Slovenia – Europe. Single. Living off grid for 5 years, with my small and cute dog. Was always depressed in this society. Didn’t liked this modern school where they teach lots of bad things to kids. So I was searching for the meaning of life. Read more than 300 books. Then I found some meaning in business. I created a company in 4 countries with 130 employees when I was only 25. Was enjoying life, traveling, and meeting girls. But I hated this world. Didn’t found any meaning in this life.

Than my ex girlfriend wanted to become feminist, not staying at home, she was always just arguing with me. Then I left her and I said that I will find better one. And then I figure out that practically the whole world is wicked.

And then I was becoming more and more depressed every year. I tried lots of things. I was also living on a paradise island in the Philippines, but I always hated this society and the women that I met were really shallow. 

But my only motivation in life was love and family and because I didn’t found this in this shallow society, my business went down. I said. Why work if I have no reward? So I tried many religions. Searching for the meaning of life in the spiritual world. I was meditating 6 hours per day, learning to also how to transmute my sexual energy with taoism, tantra etc. I did many crazy things to find inner peace. 

On the inside I found peace, but on outside I see this society is just slavery and people are really shallow.

They love darkness more than they love light.

Well, after living on paradise island I went to my home country Slovenia and became even more depressed, because I’ve tried everything and  didn’t found anything meaningful in this society all over the world. 

Then I believe God gave me some solution. I had little money left and I bought land and a cabin in nature, away from any villages. When I first came here I felt just pure peace.Then I discovered how it is to be connected with pure nature. How animals in nature live really differently. Their tempo of living is slower. I saw pure peace everywhere. I was also practicing nudism, working in nature, I had a small remote business, working with my laptop. It was amazing. Every night there was a fireplace and candles. So beautiful.

Then I said to myself: It’s wonderful. I found my paradise on the planet, now I just need a woman, who will live with me here and we will be happy together, creating a big family.

I met a couple of women, they lived here, but for them it was just a holiday, they came for a short period of time, enjoying themselves, but then they wanted to go back to society and seeking for success.

My last woman was pregnant. We were happy to expect a child. Then she said that we should move, so the child will live better that way. Because I loved her and the baby I said, I will do everything, let’s move to a villa with the pool. We were there less then 1 month, because we were both sad there.

Then we broke up. And then she did something I never thought she would. She killed our baby with an abortion because her mother told her to do so and on internet it is written that she will have no side affects. Then she signed up for a beauty contest and won. So evil.

In this moment I saw the greatest darkness in my life. Darkness all around. First time I saw the raw truth about our society. We are killing even our innocent babies. This society is wicked. Evil.

I wanted to die. From this moment on, I saw only darkness in this society. Crying everyday. Then one friend from the USA, who was also a successful businessman in the past and then also was searching for the meaning of life, told me something shocking, that I will find all of the answers to my question in the Bible. 

I told him, that I will not read something from stupid church. He told me: The Bible has nothing to do with church if you read it literary. 

But because I was so desperate, I read it.  Then I understood that society was almost always under fake rulers. Practically people was always living in slavery. Today some people say that we are in end times, close to the apocalypse… 

Today I understand why I hate this society. Because it’s slavery. It’s evil.

And it’s not that only the government is bad. People are also bad. If you go to a family reunion, people there are hypocrites, competing with each other. But where is the love in families?

So I was searching for people, who were living off the grid. When I saw this website, that thousands of people are joining this community all over the world, that was the closest thing to paradise to me.

My goal in the past was also to build a new society on paradise island, but I didn’t meet any person who will think similarly. That was my greatest problem.

So I want to help this off grid community in any way. I have experience from business, marketing, leading, project management… also have lots of knowledge about healthy lifestyle, spiritual world, wrote 2 books, more than 1000 articles etc.

I want to move to some community where there are good and friendly people to start a family there or I can invite someone here to my place. I am open. I will go where It will be easier to find a wife and create a big family in nature.

Let’s become free together! :) 

If you like my story, write to me on email: and we will talk more.

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2 Responses to “Join me in paradise :)”

  1. Karl

    I am going through a similar dilemma, though based on quite different issues and experiences. Our biggest similarity is the world of marketing, from which I learnt a lot about people and at the same time sadly, much that is wrong with the world. I am damaged from a younger experience, though I think my roots may be closer to nature, which has certainly helped. I feel now I am on a slow, but gradual path, to a more positive existence. Your story inspired me, and I think is helping me on this path. Thank you Emmanuel. Thank you for sharing your story with me. :’-)

  2. Lucas

    Do you have any land?

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