I have 40 spectacular acres of painted desert hills, cliffs, hoodoos, caves, natural amphitheaters,  and plateaus of white moonscapes accessible only by the pueblo ladders you are going to help build!  I’m looking for someone with building skills to join me!  I want to add a hand built stone chapel onto a relic of a stone and petrified wood fireplace on the land!  I would like to open it up to hikers coming out of the nearly adjacent Petrified Forest Park Wilderness and to retreat goers!  I envision cob, earth  and stine huts and hogans, sheep herder and gypsy wagons, and vintage trailers in  keeping with the Route 66 theme of the area and traditional Mongolian yurts atop the mesas!  These for visitors and retreat goers and artists in residence!  No pay but you can build a hut here for yourself and help develop a community that can sustain itself with the retreat!  You must be contributing and able to sustain yourself.  I have two horses and would like also to find someone with more horses to start a trail riding operation into the park wilderness where riders can see Creation Science evidence firsthand!  I also want to create a small Creation Science Museum with area evidence!  I have a petrified log jam atop my high mesa and cliffs that had to be completely underwater to create the petrified logs and jam!  I plan on doing art installations on this land  including  dry bones singing from Ezekiel  37. This consists of smooth white river branch and pit fired white bentonite clay (from the clay onsite) wind chimes that are arranged into a cathedral like sanctuary outdoor space.  This will be in a hidden natural amphitheater on the land that is assessable only by  four Pueblo  ladders to be built. At the back of the amphitheater wall is an incredible ancient petrified wood staircase! If you love the austerity of the painted desert and are Christian and dedicated to and love Yeshua then I hope to hear from you! We  could also use a marketing type person with computer skills  to help us become self-sustaining. Creatives are welcome. I am also starting a venture called Creative Ground Perfectly Created by the Creator, handpicked by an artist. The first parcel to be offered will be a 10 acre hill of lava that is like a tiny volcano in itself! It is at the base of a colorful large extinct volcano in what I called the Valley of Fires  because this is one of the three volcanoes visible in the area! It is a very special place. The Navajo do ceremoniesatop the volcanoes. The parcel that  will be for sale has pink and white painted desert hills atop The black and green velvet hillside . I am hoping that creatives will come into the area and become part of  the developing Christian creative community. Come soon at the ground level, haha and you can help put in the sand point well and the fencing for the horses! I am looking forward to hearing from you ! Be well and be blessed!

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8 Responses to “Join me at The Angels’ Atelier Retreat”

  1. Elissa

    I feel the Lord calling me out, upon finding this, I feel led to respond. Not sure exactly what, and who and where you are, but would definitely love to hear more about it. Please send an email with your location, and more info. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you, and keep you in His work, and His glory forever abound.

  2. William E sydnor

    I want to join but I’m not to much of the person you describe but I’m willing to learn n would be grateful to join you and your community.

  3. Sabrina Walker

    Hi I’m very interested please contact me sabrinawalker1989@gmail.com

  4. Yahsharayla

    I have a family of 6! We want to come out we left the city and was told to go to the mountains and we want to be apart and grow our own vegetables and praise the true and living god in peace

  5. Nicky balius

    Looks intresting im a follower angel im abel single male would like to come there

    • Tea Schiano

      Tell me more about yourself please and what interests you about the retreat. I don’t know if I can leave my email here but you should contact me at teaschiano at gmail dot com. Thanks.

  6. Aradia Flidias

    Is this angels atelier?
    If so I am very interested in your community.
    I am 46 women I’ve lived surgical conditions for over three years.
    Are you accepting members to your community?
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  7. Laurie

    Wow! You have a grand goal! I hope that you accomplish it, and I’ll look forward to hearing updates about your Creation museum.