• Not positive this is something I want to do,  but entertaining ideas.

I have 22 acres in western North Carolina that’s absolutely PERFECT for off grid living!  I had 26 but sold 4 to a neighbor last week.

I am surrounded by 3 mountains to the rear and both sides and for any kind of EMP, blast of any kind, chemical warfare, whatever, I am well protected!

The rear of my property is National Forest Land and basically there’s just hundreds and hundreds of usable acres!!!

I have a very nice home and there is a year-round creek that splits the property long ways and runs 20 foot off the front porch of the house so starting with  this creek runs all the way down splits my 22 acres and keeps going.  

So as far back as you can imagine we have running water because we are located at the very very bottom and all the water that runs off the mountains feed this creek!

Even though I am in a subdivision (not like you are thinking)  I am still extremely secluded and very remote.

I am retired and financially stable but having financial assistance of some sort would never hurt as let’s just say I have more than enough money to cover all the bills but for any additional projects I lack resources.  Well I don’t so much slack as I would be apprehensive to use any of it because I have to live off of it for the rest of my life.

I have a pioneer 1000 UTV which can get you just about anywhere on the property as well as a dual sport motorcycle.

And I am 90% positive I will be buying a new Kabota mini excavator as there are just more uses that I can imagine but would come in real handy for digging and making hidden areas, protection embankments, just about anything you can think of as well as branching off the creek to put it in a pond.

Because the creek runs long ways there are just numerous sites somebody could pitch a tent or build a cabin right off the creek or one of the many waterfalls (small ones the tallest is about 5 foot) and in fact could use the trees that are here as the area has never been cleared and there are tons of mature hardwoods!

But I am 57 and I’m getting old and I’m losing energy and so I’m just talking out loud here.

I have been a prepper all my life but I’m not a crazy over the line prepped.  What’s the difference?  I don’t WANT it to happen I’m just prepared if it does  :)

I have EVERYTHING that’s needed, every resource you can think of to say the land, water, year round game (Bear, turkey, wild hogs, you name it)  seclusion, natural protection, a respectable amount of stockpiled food, water purification, weapons and ammunition, gas, diesel and propane stockpile, multiple generators to feed the house and anything else,  chainsaw, will gas leaf blower, basically if you name it I probably have it!

What I need is some additional mind power and man power. The mind power to say which way to head now, what to do next, some creative thinking.  The manpower to pull it all off. And again, some financial assistance would not hurt!

I am NOT looking for free loaders, lazy pot smokers, people who just want a place to hang out for free..

Would prefer a family type, married with kids, as I would think there’s more stability there but I am not limited to that. I am wide open to anyone and everyone as long as you are stable, and by stable you know what I mean, of the mind not of your current circumstance!

 I’m extremely honest and I expect the same. You don’t need to hide your current condition from me. If you’re good people who are down and out and need some assistance this could be for you, who knows. I understand life has hurdles :)

But to reiterate, i’m not looking for people who think they can take it advantage of me. I’m very streetwise and it’s just not going to happen.

Don’t come thinking you’re going to figure out a way to gain my confidence and then start using me to live off of and giving you money that’s just not going to happen!

I’m looking for the following type people, whether they are single, married, boyfriend girlfriend, I don’t really care, as long as you fit this criteria.

You must have honesty and integrity I’m not interested in anything else.

You’re hard-working… but I’m not looking for slaves either!  I don’t want you sitting around all day, all week staring at the creek, watching the sun rise and set. At the same time, I don’t expect you to get up at sunrise and work yourself to death till nightfall!

Have a slight tendency to prefer more females than males as my wife could seriously use some girlfriends she’s feeling pent up.

Looking for someone who could earn some income and contribute, though I would not be looking for that immediately  if your circumstances didn’t allow you to. In other words if you’re down and out and just need a place until you can get on your feet and get a job that’s fine with me as long as there is an effort being made.

Now look, I haven’t really figured all this out so nothing is engraved in stone and I’m just talking out loud as I say. I’m really confused about the situation myself and I don’t really know how it’s going to play out.  

All I know is I’m open to all situations and to either one or multiple parties but the one thing that any one or many have to have is they ALL have to be basically “good people”.

I am all about utilizing the resources here and preparing for the end of the world however I’m NOT looking for any fanatics, people who want to do nothing but target shoot all day and talk about kicking someone’s ass! ( yes you can target shoot :)

I’m also open to just living off the land as a theory, in other words not worrying about whether or not the world is going to end and just having a commune type area where we could have some friends that turn into more like family :)

Just use your heads here. I’m not out looking for addicts or drunks or lazy homeless people. I’m looking for good people who either are kind of down and out and need a safe secure place that they can live and make this place their home or   people who are not down and out, have jobs and work but have been looking for this type dream and just don’t have the resources to pull it off and so this way we could combine our lives together.

You could continue to work and contribute financially and on your time off use the trees here and clear out a little site and build yourself a cabin by the creek!

You could have access to all my resources that you have dreamed of while not having to pay for it and be able to keep your jobs.

Not trying to be repetitive but again I don’t really know what I want and so I’m just open for almost anything as long as we are all dealing with good people.

Open to single moms with children, married couples, boyfriend girlfriend, I’m open to just about any situation.

Initially I will be VERY leery and reluctant about letting someone stay in my home.

I have no children and it’s just me and my wife so the entire upstairs is not being used.  I have two bedrooms and one full bath upstairs. One bedroom is absolutely gorgeous and has a king size bed, a big screen TV, a built-in fireplace, and is really something equal to a hotel honeymoon suite that is breathtaking.

The other bedroom has a queen size bed, a loft bed, and TV as well but it’s a regular size room and not what I would consider big.

MAYBE eventually if trust is earned I would MAYBE feel comfortable letting someone stay in it as they built the little mini home site off the creek but until that time and initially you would have to stay on the property and not in my home.

You would need a tent and sleeping bags but if you were so down and out you didn’t even have that I could lend you all of my outside gear which is very plentiful and will be all you need.

Because my wife has taken sick she is unable to do the normal duties of a housewife and I have been her full-time caretaker for over three years.

It’s very rough on me to be honest not having a housewife and so I’m even open up the possibility of having a full-time live-in person to replace her. That would be to say do grocery shopping, make dinner, clean dishes, do laundry, everything a normal housewife would do.

I end in saying again, I have many directions we could all head in right now this is the first up of seeing what we can all come up with!

Eventually it would be really nice if we had a half dozen or so families living here in our own little mini commune in Western North Carolina, where everybody loved and respected each other and there was total trust, no theft, and we could all live as one big family!

This is not “easy land”  to work with because as I say I’m surrounded by mountains.

Other than 50 foot or so of flat area around the creek you’re going up a mountain very fast!  I rent an excavator and put in 4 roads to the areas that were extremely incline and that helped a lot having access with a Honda UTV.

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19 Responses to “Considering having others join me and my wife”

  1. Shawn

    Hello, my name is Shawn (Deshawn is my legal name). I’ve recently moved out to Vermont and have saved up almost $7000 within 6-7months from working at a KFC while renting a very cheap spot in a trailer. Before that I did a temporary job on a farm here. I was soon planning to go homeless to further save up money to one day have my own cabin in the woods, but I am very interested in a job such as this. I may be a city kid who is unfortunately a millennial, but I have an old soul that needs to become self sufficient and I love living closer to nature. Hopefully I hear back from you soon to further discuss this. I have no GED, haven’t completed high school, no kids, have yet to get a driver’s license and I have no friends or family. I have no real deadweight, so I can devote myself to your service.

  2. Need2BeFree

    Hey how are you doing? Your place sounds like heaven to me. I grew up in Hawaii but have been living in Montana the past 6 years or so. I love the mountains. I’m an avid hunter and fisher, have some basic construction/carpentry/building knowledge, and a very hard worker. I do have my own funds, just not enough to buy the perfect spot of land that I really wish I could have. Not with the land prices in this day and age at least. I’ll have a couple of beers every now and then but I don’t do any drugs. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty or to break a sweat either. I’m a 33 year old male whos just kind of done with the way society as a whole is going right now. I had a family. I don’t anymore. I’d like to go off grid and be sufficient, safe and feel the reward of seeing something my hands have made and know that it’s good. I keep to myself for the most part. I’d like to be able to just throw myself into whatever work I’m doing and not to have to think about much else. My name is Jordan. I can be reached through email at jbnewman1985@gmail.com

  3. jeffro

    I am looking for is you my first. Trying yes I open mind freedom with in and out. Realy do not know what to say but got alot. I just need place to end up at. Where can help out and be myself. I got stuff that can help you yes but you can help me. But if looking at a $ in all do not have. but I have things you need. Realy understand logic troubleshooting skills. Yes I have stuff can help to. just want be part some thing more that this life right now for ever

  4. GONE

    First, I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she is not suffering.
    I am a 49 yr old female. Spent 20 years working 3 jobs raising my kids on my own. My daughter had medical issues, resulting in massive bills, and the system wouldn’t help me. After 2 1/2 years of her not being able to walk, and countless bills trying to get a diagnosis, I fell very behind. Again no help for those who try to help themselves. I lost everything, car, house, etc. The car was the worse because I used it for my 40 and 30 hour a week jobs delivering. I am currently a Temporary Sojourner. Couching it when and where I am welcomed, other wise starving and freezing. I am not even sure how I would get there. I am a very hard worker. I would be willing to work from sun up to sun down, no problem. If I can, I will get a paying job as well. I know how your wife feels. I was so busy working I couldn’t find good people to be friends with, everyone were druggies and I wasn’t having that around my children. Never dated as I wasn’t bringing some strange man near my kids either. So now I am alone. I would love to have a girlfriend that is not an immature, irresponsible, over grown brat. My whole adult life I have said I would rather hunt for a whole deer to eat, then work a whole week and not have enough for a weeks worth of groceries. I didn’t hear anything about growing crops and canning. I hope that is in the picture also. Can’t say I can build my own home, but willing to do the labor if some one can tell me how. Actually, I never had time to learn how to hunt, or farm, or can, but if someone can help me, I am so willing to learn and do the work. I would do anything I could to help the community. I did notice the date on this post, and all the replies. I understand if I am too late. Please Take care. I wish you the very best. Hope to hear from you. Thank you for your time.


    Hello my name is Twyla I’m a 38 year old mother of 2. My niece and her husband have a family of 9. My husband and nephew have contracting backgrounds. We are looking for a safe place to take our family off grind. We have enough money to build the eco friendly homes we desire and start up. We can join your efforts and create something together if interested. We are a very loving and peaceful family just need a place to start!

  6. Eric Daniels

    Hi we are a couple whom has lived together for the last 6 years, the male(Eric) is 47 and the female(Becky) is 50. We have spent many hours looking at properties, and reading all we can about homesteading and self sustainability.

    She prefers the modern living and primarily does the cleaning and laundry as well as grocery shopping along with working a full time job and me I prefer the physical jobs, cutting grass, landscaping, maintenance on cars and house.

    Me I’ve worked as an ASE Master Technician for 12 years, before that I was a Pipe Layer/Equipment Operator. We own a mobile home and both have jobs that are not our career jobs but it’s work and we are thankful but scared that eventually the cost of living will consume our jobs incomes. We are hard working but have very little to show for our hard work since we both went through some breakups of significant others and have had to basically start over several times we have committed to one another that we are gonna be here for each other and our lives have improved year after year. Last month our mobile home lot raised the lot rent to 510.00 dollars a month and we can’t wait to change our lives. With that said let me explain some of our immediate problems, we both have credit problems which makes it difficult to make the moves we want to make, also we have to have some time to settle in and find local work. This is difficult if we can’t find work quick enough our bills could put us in a hole we won’t be able to climb out of.

    My plans are as follows:

    Clear timber and harvest wood using a chainsaw mill to build a cabin.
    Construct a small solar system to power a few needed lights.
    If creek is available possibly construct a water powered generator for a free source of backup power when solar isn’t as reliable.
    Plant a nice size garden to provide food for us and to can some for the winter months.
    Build a chicken coop and start with 10 – 20 hens for fresh eggs possibly sell extras to locals.
    Possibly get a few cows to butcher in the fall to sustain us in meat throughout the winter months.
    Hunting Deer is another alternative to the cows.
    Plant a hay field, or grain field to help sustain the cows and chickens.

    I love the idea of community homesteading because everyone can work together or separately on tasks that they may be more knowledgeable at ie cooking, cleaning, hunting, gardening, carpentry, mechanical design, electrical wiring etc.
    I have skills in almost all facets of homesteading but I don’t claim to be a master at any of these skills.
    I’ve responded to a few of these ads and most seem like an excellent opportunity to start out but we are looking for a more permanent setting where we won’t have to worry when our hard work will be yanked out from under us.

    There is no doubt we can contribute to your homestead in many different ways but her biggest worry is how long will this last. Like I said we are looking for a permanent setting, with that said there will no doubt come a time where we will not be able to do what we can today and what options are we gonna face at that time.

    I would hope to grow old an pass on some of the responsibilities to younger, stronger people while enjoying the fruits of my labor doing what I can to lend as much help as possible. Sometimes I look back and remember my step dad allowing me to do work on the farm under his close supervision until eventually he rested while I did the day to day task of farming, picking up supplies, maintaining tractors, and planting crops on our 110 acre farm. I found out later that it wasn’t his land but he was a caretaker for the property and being young and dumb I got mad after his death that he never shared that with me. Long story short I moved in with my girlfriend at the time and was done with the farming lifestyle. Now I realize what a stupid move that was.

    I must be honest I don’t want to commit to something without knowing I can hold up my end of the bargain so I believe we can discuss things and even put something in writing for both our protections. I would want to work a full time job as soon as I could to supply money to projects to enhance our way of life. I’d like a simple 40 hour a week job where I could have time do a couple hours of work after my job on various projects.

    I’m not sure of the jobs available there but I could possibly find something prior to moving if I knew of the location of the homestead.

    You can call me after 3pm weekdays or anytime on the weekends…


  7. Gglgerry

    I am a like minded guy 55 doing the same thing in possibly the same vicinity. Looking to make local contacts with others that think along the same line. I met a great guy Sat at the VFW breakfast in Waynesville .

  8. Mike smith

    I have just read the post you wrote. I now reside in concord, nc. I have dreamed of living the off grid life for years but never found the right time, circumstance or opportunity to come. I am in a place and time of my life where as I feel it is time. I am 53 yr. Old widower and have 25 yrs experience in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and many other facets of home mainly. I spent most of my life growing up in northern New York very very rural. Worked dairy farms and vegetable farms. Extensive hunting, fishing, and trapping. Honorably discharged from us army in 1985. I am honest and loyal to a fault.(some say too honest or brutally honest) I feel a man’s word and integrity is his worth. I really would love to meet and discuss the possibilities of what you are looking for. If interested please feel free to email me anytime.
    Thank you
    Mike smith

  9. Tott667

    Wow! I am super impressed by your story. It is so good to hear I’m not the only one so confused by the concept and that someone wants a community built on respect and trust! Please email me at Tatia667@gmail.com .. would love to talk more.

  10. CandN2017

    My fiance and I are very interested. We have recently decided we’d like to live an off grid life and are willing to work hard. Please contact us of your still looking for families to join

  11. Danyalee Hammond

    I am very interested in your post regarding your idea of inviting others to your homestead to help out and thrive. I thought that I might be of some use to your distinct issue in regards to your wife having some difficulties with the housework. I in fact own a small house cleaning business and have what many would consider a “nurses heart”. I’m wondering if I may be just the thing you and you wife might welcome, to help alleviate some of the pressure within the household as far as cleaning, assisting in chores, cooking, gardening, fieldhand, and in general any driving or appointments that I could help with. I am looking to relocate immediately and do something I have always dreamed of doing. I’ve lived my life for others too long and it it time I do something for me.

  12. Kenny

    Hi! my name is kenny, currently 19 years old and just graduated high school. I’ve always wanted to live off the land but don’t know where to start. I saw your post and it caught my attention since I would be willing to live outside and contribute. I am hard working and enjoy nature, truthfully I don’t have much money and am without a job but would be willing to work and carry my own weight.

  13. BMV

    hi Plumber101010,
    i hope that, though the website you posted your ad on is HORRIBLE, the add you posted is genuine.
    i’d hope to get to know you guys a little bit better by corrosponding outside of this horrible site,
    if you are still interested in (maybe) inviting someone to live on and live of off your land.
    i’m a 31yo male, with a long-lasting dream of being able to take care of myself and the close people around me instead of being completely dependant for most everything we nowadays need and use.
    without getting into personals and specifics, let’s first find out if you are still interested annd get to know eachother alittle bit better before divulging all our dirty, little secrets! :P
    you can get in touch via email; BMVreedenburgh@gmail.com
    hope to hear from you soon (, also if it turns out your not inviting anybody, you probably own a wealth of knowledge which is increasingly harder to find in this era!)
    Thanks for taking the time!
    sincerely, Brian Vreedenburgh


    hey bud, my wife and I are interested,,, Im US Army vet, my wife is disabled with seizures from being electrocuted 10 yrs ago, but no one, and i mean no one can out work her around a homestead. We are from Ohio and looking for a change. Feel free to contact me, sir.bruce@yahoo.com

  15. Steve S.

    Hello my name is Steve, I am a 55 year old male originally from Green Bay Wisconsin. Now living in central Illinois. I have spent most of my life hunting and fishing. Lately I have been studying hydroponics, aquaponics and better practices growing in soil mediums. I have a background in building different structures, remodeling, building 50 + foot yachts, some small engine repair and so on. I am no stranger to hard work,, I am even a killer cook! (not that I killed anyone with my cooking). I have traveled all over the world, spent a lot of time in Jakarta Indonesia and Singapore. There is a lot more to me,,,,it would take a bit to explain all.

    I will be honest, as you I am thinking out loud. Not too long ago my girlfriend and I purchased some land not too far from you…. in eastern Tennessee. Just outside of Newport. We are just below 2000 feet and have 6 acres at a dead end single lane road. I know the area and what it takes to get things done. I have spent some time there,,, mostly in a tent,,, most of my time has been spent clearing 80 to 100 foot poplar trees to get power to the land. Because of the fires last year I didnt go back during fall and winter. I had a couple obligations not to mention I spent some time gutting an older 5th wheel camper (25 ft) so I wouldn’t have to tent it. The relationship has not been going well and if it ends, I will lose out on everything I have worked for in the past,,, on this particular piece of land.

    I guess what I am saying is,,,, I may have to look at other avenues,,, I wouldnt be able to bring much to the table, so much as cash. But I could easily make up for it in work,,,,,and explore other ways to help financially. I was partly raised by a very German grandfather,,,if that tells you anything about work ethic.Plus I am very honest and that is something you would never have to worry about. If nothing else,,,, lets just talk,,,it never hurt anything to throw ideas around.


  16. Pastor John & Ellen

    My wife and I currently are staying in Florida, and have been doing mission work for past several years. We do own land in Nevada, and have considered living on it, but honestly its going to cost too much to do everything (well, cabin, septic, etc..) We don’t own much “stuff” and are pretty used to living out of two duffle bags.
    My wife is 64 yrs old, and does receive monthly social security, I’m 49 yrs old, and I do work any job I can get my hands on. I was a Electrician in the Army, and 2nd MOS was Diesel mechanic. But I have done plumbing, construction, roofing, tile work, gardening, you name it…etc.. We are both hard workers, and DON’T drink or smoke, or do drugs, or anything like that.
    I am a Christian Pastor, (non-denominational) and have been in ministry almost 30 years now. ( not that health and wealth false gospel) True Gospel The bible cover to cover. ( never took a penny for preaching the Gospel) We are looking for a permanent home, somewhere we can work daily at, somewhere we can enjoy life after a hard days work, and with people who want the same. No Nonsense or games. If you are looking for a couple like us please contact me back at pastorjohn3@protonmail.com
    May the love of the Lord Jesus draw you to Him; the power of the Lord Jesus strengthen you in His service; the joy of the Lord Jesus fill your heart; and the blessing of God almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, be with you and remain with you always. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. John & Ellen

  17. Carl

    I am a semi retired veteran. I like your idea. I live off grid now, And would be interested in joining you. It would be nice to have some company. I build all types of cabins part time, and all types of repairs. I enjoy the outdoors, grow my own food, and shoot my guns, hunt and fish. I am 65 years old, but I get around very good. And don’t mind a little hard work. When I’m not working somewhere, I stay in the woods most of the time. I don’t like driving that much. I do have a 4-wheeler. , All kinds of tools, and a nice military t-pee tent. And I have a motorhome , which I don’t drive very much. I have skills in solar, wind, and hydro power. I like to cook. So if I am the type person to join you , let me know.

  18. peterc12

    hi my name is cliff
    i am intrigued by what you have in mind. me and my wife are looking for a community we can become part of. i am 33 and she is 28. i have 2 kids that are 12 yr daughter and 10 yr son. i am a very hard working man, im looking to help and contribute in anyway. i am very good with my hands and im very creative. i draw, paint, build, mechanically inclined. i have an associate degree in diesel technology that i dont use. i am a supervisor at enterprise rent a car in memphis tn. i would really love to hear more about your plans. we are free spirited people and are not lazy or free loaders. I have money to build my own container home and i’m stocking up on ammo, guns, food, and anything that i will need to survive off grid. we are looking to use solar panels and rechargeable battery powered equipment. i also looked into making tent homes. i have designs that i create all the time. I currently started a clothing line and working on 2 patents of designs i created. just a little about me. I’m a very intelligent young man with my head on straight. i only look to help and to be at peace in nature. we know the conditions of the world so me and my wife are creating a foundation that gives back to the earth and humanity. we are very loving people with no drama and just looking for good people that have the same goal in mind. total freedom!! i have so much more to talk about and so much i want to do. ttyl hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Christian

    I have a lot of ideas I would like to talk to you about and bounce of you. Im very interested in what you have to say. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.