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r-JESSE-VENTURA-LAWSUITFormer Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who has been toying with a White House run himself, has had a good Shutdown.

He has been all over the media convinced that Americans should not have to pay taxes during the federal government closure, now ended.

TV company Tinopolis has taken Jesse’s PR blitz as an opportunity to push a TV series where Jesse mentors folks who are going off the grid. Is it a case of Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us? Any readers who have information, please get in touch with us at

Jesse, who used to live off the grid in Mexico, has now taken a jpb working for the world’s second richest man. Here is what he told an interviewer: “I live in Mexico right now and I have a new job. I’ll be working for the richest man in a world, Carlos Slim, because I can’t get a job here in the media.

But he’s giving me one in Mexico, so I will be broadcasting to the United States, off the grid, much like we broadcasted Radio Free Europe where you’ve got to be outside of the country to get the truth to the country.

We’re much like East Berlin today. I cross that border driving every year. The only thing missing are the tanks at the border. And I’m sure they’re on their way..”

Meanwhile Tinopolis division Asmith are claiming they are making a series where Jesse visits off-grid denizens, but no network has announced it. Tinopolis are said to have a poor record when it comes to their treatment of individuals who take part in their series. In our opinion: Tinopolis have low moral standards – wait until we have confirmed it all with Jesse himself.

The former wrestler has an impressive anti-government record.

“Here’s my big question. Since the government shut down, now let’s keep track of the number of days we shouldn’t have to pay taxes then, should we?” Jesse told has-been Larry King – now host of “Politicking with Larry King” on RT, formerly known as Russian Today, the Russian-based news channel – in a broadcast airing tomorrow, Thursday night.

“Good idea, Jesse,” the amenable Mr. King replies in the segment.

“If they shut the government down, we should lose our tax obligation because what are we paying for then?” Ventura declares. The former pro-wrestler also offers insight about his own presidential campaign.

“If I run, I will offer the people of the United States the first opportunity to elect a president who does not belong to a political party since George Washington. He is our only president who did not belong to a political party at all, and this will give the American people the opportunity to make history again,” Jesse adds.

“And we used to have multiple parties; we had the Whig, the Federalist,” Mr. King began.

“Why have any parties? They’re nothing but gangs. That’s all they are. I don’t belong to any of them. Elect a president that belongs to no political party. And I believe, Larry, that you could win off that alone,” Jesse said.

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