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New off-grid role model

As predicted here a year ago, the play Jerusalem was a smash hit when it opened on New York’s Broadway last week.

Jerusalem features a grubby guy, Johnny Rooster,  who lives off the grid,in a trailer on a patch of suburban wasteland near a public housing project.

He is a magnet for the local disaffected youth, and inspires them with his vision of freedom, and commitment to ideals they have been starved of all their lives.  The rest of the community hate him and set about trying to get rid of him – a suitable metaphor for the off-grid movement in general.
Actor Mark Rylance who plays Rooster said that during the first half of the play New York audiences are “laughing at these funny, eccentric British people, and gradually over the course of the evening they realise this is a play about any of us – possibly about all of us in terms of what is coming in the years ahead.
“I think the governments and corporations are trying to get everyone on the logistics….and it isn’t satisfying…its not what life is about.”

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  1. ElviraMoon

    sounds like a good base for a movie!