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Jeans Yurt (30 of 30)Jeans Yurt (14 of 30)

Another in our series of photos by Beth Bicknell.

Jean’s yurt was possible one of the most cosy, exquisite structures Beth visited. A yurt she’s had made for her, with her own additional features – she’s put in a hard wooden flooring, dug out ground to create a flat surface from an awkward hill, placed numerous quilts inside the yurt to form insulation, and plastic sheeting used as windows in cut out holes.

Jean also added solar panels, however unfortunately in winter months these apparently do not produce a lot of energy for her. She said the day before was the worst ever, giving her only 20 minutes of her favourite show on TV.

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2 Responses to “Jean’s Yurt”

  1. clare baker

    Love to live like this

  2. Pete "the Waggon"

    Go Jean Go……. So long as the “day before” was the worst spring is racing towards you ..Pete xx