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In the long-term, solar panels are an excellent investment because once installed, you’ll dramatically reduce the money you spend on electricity, assuming you spend any money on electricity to begin with.  To put it another way you will save a fortune on installation costs compared to bringing utility power to your property if it is not there already.

That said, they do require substantial upfront costs, so you want to make sure they are the right decision for you.
Many factors will determine if solar power is worth adding to your home, but the environmental
benefits are clear. Using solar energy will help you reduce your carbon footprint and the
negative impact that your lifestyle has on the environment.

What to consider before adding solar panels to your home
Before making the jump to solar power, there are few things to consider. You’ll need to think
about how much electricity your home needs, what size solar system you’ll need, what financial
incentive schemes you can access, and how long you plan to stay in your home.
Many who decide to invest in solar panels do so for the environmental benefits, rather than the
financial benefits. Yes, you’ll save money on electricity, but you will be paying back the
investment that you made for some time.

How much do solar panels cost?

The size of your home, as well as how many people live there, will determine the type of solar
panel system you will need for your house. They can run you anywhere between $5,000 and
$44,000 depending on how many panels your need and at what output. Check with Solar
Reviews to see how much it will cost and how much you can save.

How can you budget to add panels to your home?Since adding solar panels to your home is a substantial investment, it’s essential to think about
how you’re going to finance them. You can apply for a short-term loan from Cash Lady, which
will give you 12 months to pay it back. Interest rates are lower on short term loans, so if you
think you can pay it back within a year, than it’s a good option.
The US government has an incentive scheme called the Renewable Electricity Production Tax
Credit. This means that for the first ten years of your system’s life, you will be credited
$0.023/kWh, and it can be claimed as ‘General Business Credit’, though this only applies to
systems that have been installed since August 2005.

So, are solar panels worth it?
Solar panels are a worthwhile investment if you’re in your forever home and intend to stay there
for a long-time. Even if you’re unsure if you may like to move one day, having solar panels on
your home will drastically raise the market value.

Another tip is to make sure that you clean your panels often to remove any dust. Panels that are
covered in dust are 30% less efficient, so ensure that they are placed somewhere that can be
accessible for cleaning.

Solar panels are one of the best ways to rely less on the grid and generate your own electricity
for your home.

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