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This is the debate going on now. Some of the comments are quite off-the-wall (see below)

I debate Lloyd Alter of Treehugger about whether it is greener to live in the city or in the country off grid.  Tell your friends. Vote for me!
Of course, we do get on to talking about living off the grid in the City, but that is a very minority sport.You need to click through to the third page to register your vote – and you get to read it all that way.
Once you are there, check out some of the angry remakrs made by Treehugger fans:
George Mockray sums up my beliefs when he says: Well, I’ve got one room essentially off-grid in the middle of the city and carry solar on my backpack every day. During the growing season, I use it to carry vegetables home from my community garden plot. Seems to me that one can be off-grid in the city too.
But George  is a rare calming influence in the debate compared to this from Biodiversivist: his is an old pipe dream repackaged in yet another book. Communes don’t work (and renaming them doesen’t either).

Off grid homes typically devolve into shacks surrounded by a junkyard and a dog or two to protect the occupants from other off-griders.

Admittedly, the idea of having no utility bills is appealing. The reality is not so appealing.

Lots of people have wells. They are expensive and need maintenance. It’s much nicer to have clean water arrive in a pipe from the water grid. Taking responsibility for the safety of your own water is burdensome.

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Lots of people have septic systems. They are expensive and need maintenance. It’s much nicer to have dangerous waste sent down the sewer grid to be treated. Taking responsibility for your own waste treatment is burdensome.

Lots of people have propane tanks. They are expensive and need maintenance. It’s much nicer to have gas arrive in a pipe from the natural gas grid.

Now try powering your cabin with solar panels, especially ones that have no grid to tie in to. Much nicer to have two wires coming to hour house, and you don’t have to live in the boonies to put solar on a house.

Living in the boonies is not green People and nature don’t mix.

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