Hello Nature-Lovers ! 

 I’m like a kind of “modern-hermit”, a free independent and smiling “spiritual”, free from viciousness/materialism and well-seasoned in vanishing alone into nature/jungles/mountain-tops …

 Apart from my nature/jungle stays, I have also created a small “nature-place” of my own in a corner of a village where I often go to relax/work/research/smile with plants, birds and creatures… (a basic cottage with no electricity, cooking with firewood, lighting with Kerosene oil, natural well-water, a tree-hut, paddy fields …)

 Also, I’m searching for a more suitable location (land) in or close to a jungle, away from human-voice, man-made hassles etc, so that I can settle permanently with tranquilizing nature, animals and so on. What I can and cannot do as an individual is clear to me, and I’m happily moving along that path with confidence …

 In the meantime, I am also exploring the possibilities of organizing a small group of like-minded individuals who are longing to live happily in nature/jungle (or you may call it off-the-grid, into the wild, freeing yourself from the rat race, or whatever…lol) for the rest of their lives so that TOGETHER we can contribute “something” better for all of us, other like-minded people, nature and humanity as well…

 I’m a vegetarian, happy and funny, do not belong to popular religions, very open-minded, free from superstitions, politics etc, financially independent, practice simplicity/minimalism, healing arts, relaxation/meditation … I’m not afraid of living or dying, but enjoy non-violence and do not harm other living creatures too…

So, if you are really longing for this “freedom & beautiful, deeper connection with nature/universe” and have the strength, ability and knowledge with some sustainable income, you can do it practically like I do …(if you like to join with me  here in this island Sri Lanka, expenses are less …)

 (I must make it clear again that I am not inviting someone to just run a farm in the wild and kill, eat and sell animals etc…)

 Good Luck to All !!!

Just feel free to contact me …


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2 Responses to “Invitation to Nature-Lovers”

  1. Khalid9

    hey inresested, email me if sposible.

  2. Sabrina7

    Hi Kumar I would like to learn more about you