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Isn’t it funny that the first sentence is always the hardest to write? But here goes, first an introduction, my name is Wretha and I live 100% off grid. I live in a small cabin with my hubby Bob and my little dog Pekoe, a 9 year old, long hair Chihuahua. We live on a 5.75 acre tract of land on the side of a mountain in the high desert of far west Texas.

We have no city utilities, we generate our own power, haul all of our water, pretty much do everything for ourselves. We heat our cabin with a wood burning stove, I cook on the wood burning stove and a small propane stove. We moved here to live full time in December 2007, a few days before Christmas and we haven’t looked back.

We purchased the property last year and started immediately hauling our belongings from our previous home to our new place, the distance was an intimidating 500 miles (one way), it took 5 trips in total. During that time, Bob began to build the cabin. It started out as a 16×16 one room cabin. We now have a second room, a bedroom, plus a deck that goes across the north side and a deck that goes across the west side of the cabin.

We incorporated lots of windows into the cabin, especially the bedroom. The views are simply spectacular, we can look in any direction and see mountain tops looking back at us. There are many different wild animals all around us to enjoy, the deer (mule deer and white tail deer) are a common site, they stroll through, stopping to browse on grass and oak leaves. They are pretty friendly, sometimes too friendly. We have to watch out for them, especially the bucks, this time of year, they get more aggressive during rutting season. We also have jackrabbits, skunks, fox, javelina, feral donkey, feral hogs and too many birds and insects to list.

We are coming up on our one year anniversary living out here, it’s so hard to believe I am getting to live a life that most people only dream about. This was something I had wanted to do ever since I was a young child. My earliest inspiration came from watching Grizzly Adams. I was fascinated by the idea that a person could live in the wild and not only survive, but thrive in an environment that would be deadly to many other people. I wanted to be the person who could survive and thrive. I began my journey of gathering knowledge on how to survive, I learned how to cook from scratch, really from scratch, give me some flour, salt, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and a few other necessities, and I can make just about anything. And I can do it (mostly) without recipes, I cook by the seat of my pants. I don’t have names for most of the dishes I create, much to the frustration of the people who are dining at my table. :)

Shortly before we moved to our off grid property, I began a blog to document our lives, it was mainly for our friends and family we were leaving behind, little did I know how many people would find my blog, I was even more surprised at how interested people seemed to be in reading about our adventures. I have made a lot of cyber-friends, other people who are in various stages of becoming off grid, some are completely off grid, some are taking the steps necessary to get off the grid. A few months ago, Nick Rosen found my blog and invited me to begin writing here, we have moved my blog’s archive to this site, so if you are interested in reading more about my adventures living off grid, just click “Wretha” and you should find all of my previous blog entries.

I want to welcome all of the current followers of my blog, all of you have been very important to me, I consider you my internet family, I hope you will continue to follow my progress here and continue to leave those wonderful comments, I love reading your reactions to the things I write. I also look forward to getting to know many new internet friends here.

Big thanks to Nick for inviting me to join this great site. :)


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