Hello there!

My names Emily, I’m 23 and live in the capital of NY. After what seems like so long of struggling with what path my life should take it feels good to be going with my heart. Off grid living has always made the most sense to me and I look forward to building a comfortable living situation for myself. I love everything about this idea. Anyways, this is the very start of my research and I realize I could use some help. I’ve slowly been gathering information, but I would be forever grateful for some guidance! If anyone is interested in corresponding and offering some insight, I would love to hear from you :) Are you new to this too? Let’s figure some stuff out together! 

Thanks in advance :)


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10 Responses to “interested in sharing some of your off grid knowledge?”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    We would love your help.

    We have perfect growing weather, almost year-round season.

  2. Chris

    I am in my 19th year offgrid, solar/wind power only , no grid power up here.. rainwater harvesting, wood heat, etc, etc.. been there, done that…. running well, fridge, freezer, loads of tools, tv, etc, etc.

  3. Jr. Gibson

    Hello Emily, i live off grid in the mountains in Ky. i lived off grid when i was a child with my grandparents also. I am also a veteran. if you would like to talk and communicate about off grid living, just let me know. Also your welcome to come to our little off grid community and get a taste of it.


  4. Dave

    Hi Em, my name is Dave. I lived off grid for 10 yrs in the mtns of Colo. I moved back to upstate new york several yrs ago, but am ready and looking to move and get back off grid. I would love to talk to you and share knowlege, experience, and ideas.
    DeadDave Sawmill Schenectady

  5. ya_who_ligan54

    Marsane: I would be interested in talking with you about living off grid..I am planning on relocating to the North Carolina area early next year hopefully to go off grid.. Hope to hear from you..

  6. ya_who_ligan54

    There is a 1000 acre Preserve right outside of Boone, North Carolina. the land is owned by Eustas Conway.. He has been living off the grid for over 30 years.. His preserve is TurtleIslandPreserve.com. He is looking for volunteers for the preserve, he will provide shelter and food in exchange for working on Preserve. He will TEACH all aspects of off grid living if you are truly interested. I will be relocating there myself in April 2016… If you get a chance he was featured on Mountain Men on the history channel ( Netflix) and it is awesome!!

    To go off grid takes total commitment and dedication..living off grid is NOT going on vacation. Watch Mountain Men ..you will see exactly what total off grid living is all about!!

  7. Marsane

    I have been living off grid since 2005 in the Sangre De Cristo range of the Rockies in southern Colorado.
    Any questions just ask

  8. Marsane

    maybe I can help. I’ve been living off grid since 2005. I am here in the Sangre De Cristo range of the southern Rockies. Planning to leave my home here and venture deeper into the wilderness. Any questions just ask.

  9. Nick Rosen

    Hi New Yorkers, and every one else, remember you can put your names and details on the free landbuddy.com map and that way others in your area can find you – as well as you finding them, LAndbuddy.com

  10. ValPal

    Hello fellow New Yorker!
    When you picture your off the grid life, what does it look like ?
    Things that I have learned from this site and my own digging around is that there isn’t one way of doing or being off the grid. Off grid simply means not connected to the power grid the rest you use your imagination/creativity/ logic/education. To many people it can mean living a primitive life and to others you can have a modern home with stainless steal appliances and granite counter tops and run everything off solar lets say and still be considered off grid. What they both have in common is that you need alternatives to sustain your needs because we do have needs especially coming/ getting out from our society its not like we were raised by wolfs so it has to be realistic to YOU. So thats why I asked what do you see your off grid life like, picture it, sketch it out on paper for a visual effect you can hang up and most likely you’ll add or remove things to this sketch as days/months go on and thats perfectly normal thats exactly what should happen. Next dig a bit deeper, for example you might want to have chickens, grow some of your own food, maybe want to know how to patch up some old clothing to give it longer life or such depending on your goal. Find local farms to volunteer for, create a garden in your back yard or create an urban farm if you live in a concrete jungle like myself and give things a try. take up sewing, charge your phone with a solar panel on a hike just to get a feel and understand at first because maybe after getting your toes pecked of by chickens you might change your mind or maybe you’ll use your bruised toes as a relieve and motivation that pecked toes are for you and you loved every peck. (jk you get what I’m getting at) Or maybe you’d want to join a community of off grid people because maybe the work load or silence is to much. Point is I think its a very personal thing/ choice so you’d have to look at yourself, picture it how you see it and get some hands on experience. If its something you really really want to do in life by you trying all these things it will prepare you better and make your goal that more solid and clear and you can use that as your foundation to start your dream.

    Hope I helped in some way, if you’re ever in the nyc area or planning a hike in the catskills shoot me a message. Hard to find like minded people ( physical beings to hang out with ) in the big city who have the common goal.