Hello my name is Damien Fourness and I’m in search of someone who is living off the land. I am young and my knowledge is rather limited but I have an eagerness to learn and an open mind when coming to new situations. Would enjoy the possibility of having a chsnce to live off the land if you’ll teach me. In exchange I’m obvious another pair of hands able to help with the workload to keep things running smoothly. Please feel free to email me at damien.fourness1995@gmail.com or call/text me at 315-573-1667. I’m in the rochester area

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3 Responses to “Interested in living off the land and willing to help others”

  1. freedomfarm

    I have 3 acres in Keaau HI. Beautiful place with near perfect temperature year around.. It has a nice 8 X 12 shed and a small prefab house on it . I am putting a cargo container there for storage and security. Most people here collect rain water for their water source. I am putting in a catchment tank soon for that. I got an illness that prevents me from driving even though I have a good vehicle. That makes things very hard. I am looking for someone who would like to help me set up my place and help me get around, and who wants to live off grid. The shed can be made into a nice little apartment. I am putting in a solar system soon. Things are really difficult without being able to drive though. I am a 44 year old guy, but look and act a lot younger than that.

    • Damien Fourness

      Still got your place. forgot i did this add years ago.

  2. BOBBY

    Hello Damien,

    I have land in East Florida, where my off-grid fish farm is, it is in Flagler County. Now is the hot season in Florida, you are welcome to try your survival skills next week, but do your research first. Water, food, shelter, how do you plan to solve this puzzle. Do you have a tent to stay in? Can you pack one month food with you? Water is not a problem……. you can have 1 acre to set up your little home site ….. there are a lot of possibilities …… but be warned if you don’t have the drive and the muscle or the heart to live off-grid chances of failure is extremely high…….. if this is ok for you please reply with all your questions…….. keep in touch if you wish…. bob32175@aol.com … BOB