[before_listing images= youtube=null] Have you ever wanted to start over? Have you ever wanted to build something from scratch? Do you have immense knowledge of the wilderness and living off the land? Do you want to live-off the grid, but something is standing in your way?

We are looking for free-minded thinkers who have experience living off the grid, or are currently living in the Alaskan wilderness for a documentary. This is not a “game show” or a glossy Hollywood gimmick. This is NOT like survivor or other programs you have seen in the past. Looking for people who want to build a community NOT people who want to become famous.

We are seeking serious candidates who are eager to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. We are looking to showcase this lifestyle by documenting the establishment of a new eco-village or intentional community on a remote Alaskan island property.

Specifically we are targeting strong leaders with the desire to build an intentional community on an Alaskan island. People with strong hunting and archery skills, survivalists, and experts in setting up renewable food & energy sources are all welcome.

The project is currently in its very early stages and so I am doing outreach to various sources with deep knowledge of self-sufficient living.

If you’re not personally interested but feel you have knowledge you would like to share with us as we move forward, please feel free to reach out.

My email is nick@off-grid.net. Please let me know a little about yourself, your background off-grid living/homesteading/wilderness & survival, what appeals to you about starting an intentional community and anything else you feel is important. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks so much for your time.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “Interested in starting an intentional community in Alaska”

  1. parallexmike

    Hello Thomas, I’m going to share my thoughts with you. Here goes:
    Figure out everything that you would like to take with you, as far as furniture tools weapons gear etc.
    Get on one of the hundreds of web sites and look for property in areas that have no property tax like Tok Alaska for example, there are several others.
    You might also look for a property that already has a small cabin on it already “but that’s not really necessary I’ll tell you why I shortly ”. Just make sure you have mineral rights and you’re able to dig a well, shouldn’t be a problem in Alaska.
    Look for property around $20,000 for at least 5 acres “there are several” please note that I have seen seven acres with a cabin for far less.
    Figure out some time away to purchase the property after you’ve gone up and check it out “yes you gonna have to go at least twice”.
    Once you’ve checked out your property for the second time hire someone to lay your slab.
    Purchase a grinder and a portable generator “the kind that can operate power tools”.
    Purchased windows and a door and you might wanna pick up a claw foot wood burning stove.
    Get on line and find one of those container companies that sell containers “make a really nice selection”.
    Pack all of your stuff including the windows and door into this container and have it delivered to your new property and placed right on that slap.
    First thing you should do now is install your windows, so take out that grinder and cut the appropriate holes for your window “make sure you have enough wood for the flaming” do the same thing for the door, and don’t forget to cut the whole for the tubing that’s attached to the woodstove.
    Now you can slowly fix it up and make it livable, lighting should be the next step. Nice solar panels are available on some of the little links on this site.
    You haven’t been on the site for two months I hope you get this and good luck.

  2. Thomas McGowan

    I am a 26 year old male from Florida, i have a small farm with horses, pigs, chickens, and grow my own vegetables. For the past 6years I’ve been a welder/ fabricator and am ready to use the skills and knowledge i have to build a home and start a life living off the grid in a remote location like Alaska. It’s been a dream of mine for many years now and im now ready to start making the plans to make it happen. If there’s any advice to be given id highly appreciate it. I would be building my cabin by hand, one small section at a time as weather allows, and starting off with the bare necessities. (Hand tools, chain saw, rifles, ammunition, generator, traps, tent, etc. ….. any tips and information would be highly appreciated. -Tommy

  3. willranney

    I just sent you an email with more personal info, wanted to put something on here too stating my interest just in case.

  4. erick

    Nick I to would like to know abit more about this as well have lived in many States with all Kinds of weather and am a avid lets say outdoors/hunter/builder/ect. kind of person

  5. Scott L

    Hi Nick,
    What general area of Alaska are you looking at? Lots of coast line and islands with different extremes of weather. Solar can be hard due to rain and not much daylight in the winter.

    How big of a community and how many people are you looking for at this point in your planning?