[before_listing id=464 images= youtube=null] I’d like to meet people who have experience of living in a vehicle. I’m trying to work out whether it would be viable for me to do so. Most of my work is IT/web based so I need to know the practicalities of running laptops and even desktop computers while off grid.[landbuddy_listing id=464 youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Interested in vehicle living”

  1. Rasheed Hooda

    check out https://Technomadia.com

    Chris and Cherie are in IT business and have been living on the road for several years now.

  2. WestTexasLawrence

    Go get you a 40 or 60 passenger school bus. Put solar panels on the roof to charge batteries and an isolation switch on your alternator to charge your deep cycle batteries separate from you engine battery. Run everything you can off 12 volts DC and don’t use an inverter much if at all. You can get all 12 volt DC appliances and LED lighting….to be quite comfortable in your bus turned into a motor home.
    You can find good serviceable buses from school auctions for $600 to $2000. There’s even a school bus conversion site on Yahoogroups….SkoolieConversion@yahoogroups.com….I think. Then you have a portable home/office to work out of.

  3. Mike

    Actaully you can go out and get you a few hundred watt that plus into your lighter outlet actually if you need to be cheap.

  4. Mike

    If you could tell me some specifics of what you are looking for ? I could try to answer , my father and I has a solar system setup in our trailer , 8 deep cycle batteries hooked in series to a power inverter.

  5. Mike

    Its not too difficult. Just get you a 1500 watt power inverter. A Few deep discharge batteries that are either charged using solar mounted on your roof or a generator hooked to your engine

  6. Ezra Behrends

    Greetings Ive lived out of vehicles almost my whole life. Feel free to pick my brain. Im on facebook and feel free to email me but please put off the grid in your subject line. Thanks Ezra