There’s some beautiful land up near the Canadian border in MN, lot of acres, but i don’t have the money so…

I would like people who want to live with nature and as humanely as possible in north/central US. I’d rather not have meat or dairy but if i had to choose a meat it would be fish.

I realize I’m not easy to get along with and I’m not healthy (i’d like to think I’d recover in a natural environment but i have no guarantee of that and will still have some issues, you can see my profile on here for more info) but i think i have a fair solution, after a trial period if anyone, i don’t care who you are, male female or third, if you’re or i’m a bother and not doing the work, you or i are out, votes can be cast at that time. And be honest, i don’t want a group of everyone secretly hating each other. Also i don’t want a bunch of mind games, no “Go do something… You didn’t do what i wanted!” Bull, if you want something either say so or accept not getting it. 

 i want a community of people in north central US, that get along but can still mind their own business. A computer lab i think, videogame hookups, limited time slots, we don’t need everyone online 24/7. Fun is fine but work is important, we’ll need a balance.

Again, more info on my profile.

I won’t be able to go for a while unless it’s within a certain area and i can leave once a month or so for about a day.

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