There’s some beautiful land up near the Canadian border in MN, lot of acres, but i don’t have the money so…

I would like people who want to live with nature and as humanely as possible in north/central US. I’d rather not have meat or dairy but if i had to choose a meat it would be fish.

I realize I’m not easy to get along with and I’m not healthy (i’d like to think I’d recover in a natural environment but i have no guarantee of that and will still have some issues, you can see my profile on here for more info) but i think i have a fair solution, after a trial period if anyone, i don’t care who you are, male female or third, if you’re or i’m a bother and not doing the work, you or i are out, votes can be cast at that time. And be honest, i don’t want a group of everyone secretly hating each other. Also i don’t want a bunch of mind games, no “Go do something… You didn’t do what i wanted!” Bull, if you want something either say so or accept not getting it. 

 i want a community of people in north central US, that get along but can still mind their own business. A computer lab i think, videogame hookups, limited time slots, we don’t need everyone online 24/7. Fun is fine but work is important, we’ll need a balance.

Again, more info on my profile.

I won’t be able to go for a while unless it’s within a certain area and i can leave once a month or so for about a day.

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5 Responses to “Starting/finding community North Central US”

  1. LoneroftheDork

    Also I was taught to set the bar low, if you give people high expectations and fail, as you probably will since no one is perfect, they will say you mislead them and be mad for your failure but if you’re modest you can always raise the bar and your accomplishments will actually be taken for what they are instead of “not as good as promised”.

  2. Jenn Garden

    I just read this post and then the other one where you asked people to be honest and I guess the one good thing is that you encouraged me to live. I was (seriously) feeling suicidal because I just go scammed again (and this is not the first time) it’s not the money I can survive without it, but that I was too stupid to live and I keep losing and losing and losing things (I swear I have a poltergeist or ghost following me, taking stuff.)

    Given what you say about yourself is it is good that you the the tenacity to want to go on, if I had all your problems I probably would not have ended things long ago, but NO, you would need to live in a communal situation for off the grid living because unlike an urban environment, farming which is usually off grid living, is hard WORK, NO, NO, you have too many negatives (you were psychologically healthy, that might overcome the physical handicaps) you would drag everyone down.

    I know a guy who has lived on SSI for many, MANY, years for depression, he didn’t seem that way, actually pretty funny (and told me he was symptom free in the last year) for someone like you, who sounds basically lazy and has health related issues so wouldn’t have to lie to qualify, get that and live in an urban environment, which is a lot easier.

    • Jenn Garden

      I have to amend what I said, leaving one comma and one word out, in my quote “Given what you say about yourself is it is good that you the the tenacity to want to go on, if I had all your problems I probably would not, AND have ended things long ago” .

      • LoneroftheDork

        That’s what I figured you meant.
        Btw, I replied to this comment by email but if anyone is curious (I wanted to avoid explaining this because I’m so tired of it but…) I can’t really live in an urban or even suburban area because I’m chemical sensitive, that’s why I’m sick all the time, good old “living hell” as they say so there you go.

  3. LoneroftheDork

    I have old video games, a computer, and books although my books are mostly ebooks and ones I got when I was much younger. I know off-grid usually doesn’t have videogames (you can’t say they don’t have internet because a bunch of off-grid people are online talking about it) but I figured why just toss them out? A simple hookup I could get if I sold some small thing would make a computer compatible with any system. It’s not like I’m asking to get new ones or set up some fancy thing for them, and I might not be able to bring much but I can share such things so why not? I also have musical instruments, a sewing kit (both genders should have sewing skills, don’t judge), can make paint from eggs, and probably have a bunch of other unnecessary things, skills, and knowledge that no one really needs. When you’re bored you pick up things, usually useless things but still.