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Hey all, I’m a 31 year old woman currently based in Brighton UK who’s been dreaming of going off-grid for a very long time and finally have the means to do so. My plan for this year was to head to Spain to look for land but with everything going on my plans are temporarily on hold. I would be interested in meeting others looking to do the same and potentially investing together / close by, or who might interested in helping out in return for somewhere to stay. I have lots of ideas I’d love to share and am open to all ideas and locations other people might want to share! I have some experience with growing organically on a small scale but still have a lot to learn so especially keen to meet others with natural building and other useful off grid/self sufficiency knowledge but not essential at all :)

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2 Responses to “Interested in meeting others looking to go off-grid, possibly in Spain”

  1. Yusri

    Come to malaysia. Beautiful island. Warm weather. I’m planning to off the grid on island

  2. Iansharp

    Hello there, I am in Glasgow and had been planning to quit my job and move to another country this year, then this all happened. I am a landscaper/builder, though for the past 10 years I’ve been building community projects and teaching theraputic gardening to people with a variety of conditions. I had planned to buy a small bit of land with a few buildings and be self sufficient and maybe rent part of it out on airbnb. I had been looking at Bulgaria or Serbia as the prices are so cheap. I went to Bulgaria last year to have a look around. I’m no longer sure where I’ll end up, it depends how all this covid stuff plays out. I’m not into intentional communities as such but it would be good to have at least a few neighbours as we could help one another. I’m just looking at the moment to see who else is thinking of going somewhere and what opportunities might come up. Maybe we could keep in touch and pass on anything we find of interest. So far I’ve found posibilities in Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, Wales and a few other places. I’m also looking at Spain, Italy, Slovenia and willing to consider almost anywhere. Cheers