[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am interested in learning more about living off grid and the off grid lifestyle. I have been working in the architectural and engineering and construction industry for over 30 years and I am getting very tired of the rat race. I have a good paying job, a good family and a nice home with over 30 acres of forest and pasture land including a year round creek with water rights and a good well. I know that I am truly blessed but the sad thing is that I have no time to enjoy it all. Like most people I spend most of my time commuting to and from work, working and tying to support my family. I would to get out of this cycle.
I love where we live but sometimes I feel like walking away from it all and going someplace to live off grid. On the other hand I could share what I have with others and learn to live a sustainable existence right where I am at. In order to do this I would have to still find a way to pay the land mortgage/taxes approximately $1700 per month. I would also need to be able to feed and clothe my family. Is this possible on 30 acres? How would I go about starting an off grid community and would people be willing to contribute (rent or barter) as needed to pay the land mortgage and taxes in return for living off the land? It seems lake we would have to raise crops or livestock and sell them at the local farmer’s markets? Any ideas? Wow would one establish multiple families on a single parcel without running into county zoning and ordinance issues?
We currently have horses, sheep, goats, Llamas, Alpacas, and chickens. Most of the animals are pets but we do eat the chicken eggs and harvest wool from our alpacas and angora goats. We also raise a couple of grass fed organic beef each year (we have plenty of poo for fertilizer) but the only thing we currently grow is grass and a few hops for my home brew hobby. I have a tractor and a few implements. Our property is also adjacent to a large DNR forest that has a lot of natural resources and recreational opportunities.
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2 Responses to “Interested in Learning about going off grid”

  1. Tammy Hall

    my husband and I have lived on and off the grid for years. We recently have been living in South Dakota attending school. We are both 50 ish and are looking for a rural property to share with another couple/family/familiesb around the Bellingham area (We are both from the PNW and have most of our off grid living experience there).
    Reach out to us
    we would love to share our knowledge

  2. E&M

    have you considered life purchases of parts of your land? That’s called a life estate and ends when the purchaser dies? It will pay for your taxes and improve income for the community in general I am interested.