[before_listing id=210 images= youtube=null] I have been working at an outdoors activity centre in Kent for several months, living onsite in a tent with minimal facilities, but have found this way of life most satisfying. We have scavenged materials and built quite a pleasing living area and outdoor kitchen, use some solar power and created our own hot water system.

Basically, I have become far more interested in this than the job I was doing there anyway, and would like to follow this path into a more permanent off-grid lifestyle.

Would be interested to hear from anyone considering something similar….[landbuddy_listing id=210 youtube=null]

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3 Responses to “Interested in going off grid….”

  1. bruce

    I’m in Leicester (UK) and soon to take possession of a wreck of a house. I’m interested in minimalist living and hope to create an eco-home. It could take years ( which I probably don’t have ), but I think it’s how I want to live. Interested in exchange of ideas – maybe visits.

  2. dannyjamesharris


    I have seven acres to the south of Cambridge in the quiet and friendly village of Meldreth.

    Wanting to set up a small off grid community, maybe you would be interested.

    Feel free to email me or call me to discuss should you want more info. dannyjamesharris@googlemail.com – 01223424936

  3. Simon

    Hi a new site has recently been opened in Woolwich (east london) which may interest you and we are looking for any new people who would like to get involved.

    Address is

    1-7 Pier Road, North Woolwich, E16

    DLR: King George V
    Rail: Woolwich Arsenal

    why not call us up for a chat?

    07864845803, 07727046200

    Good Luck!