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I’m fluent in French and English so feel free to use either one. I’m on the island of Montreal. I’d love to live off the grid. I just went to a seminar about Earthships yesterday (given by Michael Reynolds himself). It was really interesting. It gave me lots of ideas. Now I’m planning on attending a course on eco-building and resilience next month.

I’m looking for like-minded people to meet and exchange information on how to go off the grid. What are the possibilities? What is do-able in Quebec? For example, do I absolutely need to hook-up to Hydro-Quebec if I stay here? Would it be illegal to not be hooked up? Even though I don’t agree with the way things are going in our society I still want to be legal and not be constantly scared of losing my house. I want to be in peace with myself.

Hope to hear from you!
Chrystine [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Interested in going off-grid, near Montreal, Canada”

  1. Chrystine

    Hi Michelle, there’s actually a community of earthship getting built in LaPrairie. It’s called Valhalla. Here’s a video from youtube of the construction of the earthship-type greenhouse. A lot of the people who helped building the greenhouse were in Chertsey with me during my course last summer.

  2. David

    I am sure it is not illegal to not have hydro. The only thing you would have to do by the book is sanitation. This must be done by code. A lot depends on where you want to set up

  3. Michelle

    Family of 4 here interested in building an earth-ship in/ near Montreal in 2014. Any info on any land/ acreages and/ or any communities in this area would be gratefully received :)

  4. mariefrance

    i live in laval. i ve been interested in the concept for a little while now. would love to get some info from you Chrystine on the up comming on the course (eco building) and more
    here is my e mail : snowboss2000@hotmail.com
    marie France contacte moi on pourra discuter a +

  5. Rod

    Hi, I’m fromthe south shore as well and gathering information towards gong off grid as well. Would love to share info with you folks from the region.


  6. rodney

    hello tweedip I added my web thing on there,I ‘m trying crowd funding for a piece of property and also looking for others to join if accepted for crowd funding, something that you may want to look into.
    what is your version of living off the grid where you live currently or further north? and how many people would you want around you. what sort of lifestyle do you currently have, what skills do you have currently and what skills do you want for living off grid, are you interested in permaculture?

  7. Dennis

    Hey! I’m from the south shore of montreal and I am very interested about in learning about this as well. send me an e mail dennisthibault@hotmail.com