My name is Quentin. I’m a 28 year old male. I’ve been wanting to live off-grid for about a decade now. Been traveling to different intentional communities here and there across the states to see if I can meet like minded people and to learn new skills as much as I can. Hasn’t really been working out for me like that though… Going to the wrong places and people…

I’m currently in Florida but planning on leaving next week to go to Washington to another community. At the same time I’m still just trying to reach out whoever I think may be able to help me. The closest that I got with what I’m looking for was with Nathan Martinez. He’s a very good survivalist who lives in Texas. Him and I talked for a long while… He was planning on doing a intentional community in New Mexico that was going to be off-grid plus him and I were going to meet up and travel together for at least two weeks or so… This was going to be back in February of this year and was planning on joining him at his community for this month. Unfortunately something came up and he had to canceled our trip together and put his community project on hold. He didn’t want to go into details why… Told me that he was going to be unreachable for a long time and suggested that I still reach out to people. Down to earth people and/or hunters and fisherman…

I’m also interested of starting my own intentional community but I’m going to need lots of help when it comes of establishing that…

Either way, I’m trying to figure something out… Really want friends and a significant other(s) when it comes to living this kind of lifestyle…

So yeah… If anyone is interested in getting contact with me please do. I will appreciate it and thanks for reading this message.

Take care.

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4 Responses to “Intentional Community and looking for like minded people.”

  1. Gen Agustsson

    its so difficult to live off the grid in the states but not much europe!

    • Qwent91

      Never been to Europe but I’m assuming that it’s automatically better than the US…

  2. Gretchen

    If you’re not against LGBTQIA+, open to others around you practicing polyamory, and not opposed to pagans, I’d love to talk more. We are a group of 3 men, one woman, and a child with vested interest in going off grid asap. From the ground up we will have to learn, as we are all relatively unskilled labor (we know and and learn plenty, just not certified), but we are all earnest, prep minded, and willing to get our hands dirty to make it work.

    • Qwent91

      Hello Gretchen.

      Thanks for reaching out. I’m not against LGBTQIA+ and I’m into polyamory. I’m an atheist but I’m not opposed to pagans. Either way, I will love to talk if you still want to. Right now it’s still just me… Wanting to go off-grid asap also. I need to learn too still… I know some things here and there but am very willing to do what needs to be done to get this to work. It’ll be very good to do.