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Ancient Kalamazoo Franklin
Ancient Kalamazoo Franklin

We had a very old Kalamazoo Franklin wood stove that was coming apart at the seams, literally. The final straw was this week when the cast iron chimney elbow separated from the firebox. We decided that it needed to be replaced, and in a hurry. Out door Temps were -10F, and heading to -22F, so a new Vestal Classic stove was ordered and delivered.

New Vestal Classic
New Vestal Classic

I removed the old 26 gauge 7″ galvanized chimney pipe, and replaced it with new 22 gauge 6″ black chimney pipe. My fingers went right through the old pipe. As soon as I unhooked the chimney, the stove elbow fell completely off. This was a disaster waiting for an opportunity. I connected the new pipe, screwed it together, connected the new stove, and lit a fire. Soon the heat was again warming our home. My wife set a rocking chair in front, and enjoyed some well needed “me” time, and the cats curled up on the hearth, and took a nap. Life is good, and warm, again.

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