Hi there. You can call me Mia. I am wanting to head in to the woods off the coast of Bc.  I am hard working woman with some know how.  I grew up off the grid in northern Manitoba. I would like a companion of the like minded type.  I know this will be hard work and there is a high chance of starvation, injury, or sickness but I am willing to take the chance. 

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3 Responses to “Inspired to go on a life change”

  1. Linzie

    Well if you are up to the journey but a different area I am planning to go off grid and self sustaining in Alaska next spring I am buying 3.56 acres off a glacier fed lake 2 rivers and close to the ocean if interested email me @linzie.salmons1981@gmail.com make the subject off grid so i know it isn’t spam if not interested good luck in your search

  2. mtntrekker

    Mountain life is the ultimate life.

  3. anthony

    Mia, I am looking to do something similar. Hadn’t thought about bc but am open to it. Mainly, i want an offgrid partner that wont throw in the towel when shit gets tough. Would prefer stateside but let’s talk. Email me: Iamjohngalt1974@gmail.com