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Dick Thompson "not sanitary"

A landowner in Madison County, Ind. has been told to stop living on his own plot because in doing so he is breaking zoning ordinances.

The case of 72-year-old Dick Thompson is being taken up by net activists, angry that you cannot choose to live harmlessly on your own land in a  rural setting, at least not in Indiana.

Thomson bought 38 acres of farmland from his parents, and lived there in his white trailer — along with his dog, Ace, his horse, Fritz, ad his bird, Sunshine, which likes peppermints.“I’m a country boy,” explains Thompson. “I just want to be left alone.” is co-ordinating a write-in campaign of complaints – and has posted the relevant details here.

Local station, Wish TV, calls it one man’s battle with Big Brother and says Thompson has nowhere to go.  His health violations include no water, and no sewer.  “I’m comfortable here,” he says.

“Its simply not safe and sanitary to live like that,” a county official told Wish TV.

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