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Hi, I am Eva, a German student currently living in London, UK. 

The idea of living off the grid has always intrigued me. My parents and I lived in very remote regions and I grew up in a very safe, countryside environment. 

At the age of 22 I have traveled parts of the US, Australia, Asia and Europe by myself and have loved my kind of nomadic lifestyle. 

I never liked the idea of being part of the ‘system’, studying, getting a degree, buying a house, working full-time in an office for 40 years to then be old and finally have time to enjoy life. I want to work for myself, be able to make my own ours, be financially independent and not stuck in the rat race for the rest of my days. 

I am currently studying nutrition online and I am here in London to do acting training. The problem with acting is that the best opportunities lie in big metropolitan regions like NYC, LA or London which are – obviously – far from off-the-grid. 


I got thinking – how can I imply some of the off-grid principles into my daily life here in such a big city? 

I registered on here to both share my ideas with you but also find like-minded people who might be in a similar situation. 


Some of the things I want to do are buying as much local and organic produce as possible, spend time in nature, do a regular phone, social media and technical detox. My flatmates and I also meditate regularly as it helps us to stay sane in the crazy, busy city life. 

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I am curious to know – what are ways that you implement the off-grid-idea into your daily life? 

Are you from the UK and know any off-grid communities or places? I am looking to travel around and learn more about off-the-grid living. 


All the best, 



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