Hi!!! I am very spiritual, very vegan, love this earth dearly, love mankind dearly and am looking for people with these in common!! I love gardening and would like to find a section of land by water where I can build an earthship and life completely off the land. I am introverted but love people dearly. My purpose here on Earth is to assist mankind to live in harmony with themselves and the land again so that all creatures can live in balance and peace. I love mathematics and science. I love getting my hands muddy and helping anyone or any creature. I am posting this to extend an arm to anyone whom this resonates with so we can all link arms to find strength to get to the next step!! Please reach back if you feel in anyway this proposed community is of your tune or if you’d like to offer some land in trades for a constant supply of fresh organic produce and any other assistant I or we can offer. I will be volunteering on a farm in Hawaii for server all months but after that will be ready to create this home. I prefer warmer/tropical climates. But I am from PNW so can handle some cold and rain! Thanks!!

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