I own 10 acres in SoCal desert of Imperial County. The land is mine, free and clear, I’m not in the process of buying it or giving payments on it. I would like to create a self sustaining homestead type property but honestly I know I need help. I can’t do all the work myself even though I do have a background in construction. I don’t plan on living there just yet but if I could find someone that is willing to live there and take care of it as if it was their own and work on the land to improve it and have some type of agenda and ideas that would be great. I of course would like to work as a team member and have our ideas bounce off each other and get along. I would not charge anything as long as we would agree on the projects and what is going to be done to improve the land. I’ve seen rabbits and bighorn sheep and burro deer out there so I know the land can become livable and sustainable. the land is east of Brawley, Southwest of Palo Verde and North of the Chocolate Mountains. It’s West of Highway 78 on Skyline drive. That’s the best description I can give without giving the exact location of my property. Anyways, shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts and ideas on this subject. jovplumbing@yahoo.com Thanks!

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One Response to “10 Acres in Imperial SoCal Desert”

  1. Christipher

    Hi I’m from Washington state I’m 20 and now living with my gf and her parents paying rent with a full time job and a truck and a cat. Anyways I know I’m going to go off the grid to ACTUALLY be free and live a long happy life. I’m reasonably smart. I have a hs diploma and would pursue a career and collage but it’s all pointless because we are destroying the world and assisting to kill harmless people that just what what everyone else wants. My current plan is to buy a camper/trailer and convert it to be 100% off grid worthy then live in that till I get a cabin of some sort built.