Hey guys. My name is Shay. I am just a laid back free spirit that loves the earth and its beauty. I have been to several countries learning alternative healing. I would love to get back to this kind of life. The grind of the city is making me insane. I;m looking for a place where I can rent a room and join the beginning of a communnity. It has been my desire to find a healthy community for sometime. If you need a good worker. Im there for ya. I like to work and stay busy. I am skilled in a lot of things. LOL. I do a lot of handi work and can build. My father was a carpenter so I learned so much from him. I am a quick study and very eager to learn more about this time. I would love to join in on your adventurer.

Peace and love,


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5 Responses to “I’m ready for adventure”

  1. joe and melinda

    About 1 hour outside of Vegas on California border.

  2. Natty

    What out for Shey.
    She is nothing but a Junky. If she can get high on it she will.

    Crazy, lazy, 90% selfish and a compulsive liar.
    Completely unfit to be around your family.
    The only healing she learned overseas was how to stay wasted.
    Beware, be warned, be wise.
    Save yourself a nightmare from Hell!

  3. Amanda

    Hi Shay, I’m interested in what you have to offer. My email is kittyeyes1980@gmail.com. Are you Christian? I would love for you to help build something for me. Also interested in your alternative medicine practices😊, thanks..

  4. Dogwood Blossoms

    Hi, were are you located, any interest in living and a homestead in Northeast Georgia. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking.
    Have sn older 4acre homestead at the end of a dirt road surrounded by woods. Have garden areas, friut trees, outbuildings barns and a house. Have a small herd of milk goats and chickens. I have studied herbal medicine much of my life. May be interested in adding a couple more people to my homestead family.

  5. Jack

    Hey Shay,
    There is a place for someone like you and your description where I am at, south south south Australia. Total off grid, immersed in beautiful nature, health is also abig part of life here. Paradise. Let me know if your interested?